Digital Transformation
Ushers in a New Era of Communications

By Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

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Digital Transformation Executive Summary

In 2017, keeping the lead over the competition doesn’t mean having the best products, or lowest prices. Instead, successful companies are closely tied to an organization’s ability to recognize shifts in the market landscape and its capacity to respond by adapting quickly.

This white paper explores how digital transformation is disrupting the traditional business landscape as today’s consumers care more about superb customer service and delightful experiences, rather than making decision solely based on price or product features.

In the digital era, the customer experience is the new battleground for differentiation. Businesses must make digital interactions personal and contextually relevant with every interaction to thrive and meet today’s consumer’s expectations.

The path to personalized, contextual communications is a multi-step journey that involves infrastructure, applications and processes. Leveraging the power of the cloud via unified communications (UCaaS) for corporate collaboration, integrating with productivity and CRM tools such as G Suite and, and embedding communications within applications and websites using communications platform as a service (CPaaS), are all essentials steps on the journey to deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.

Get expert recommendations to develop a successful omnichannel communications roadmap across the entire business communications value chain.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

The ways in which digital transformation is redefining the business communications landscape

The role contextual communications will play in creating winning customer experiences—and saying competitive in the digital era

Why cloud-based unified communications, integrated business applications, and CPaaS is the winning combination to enable contextual communications across the customer value chain

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A Good Read For
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • IT managers
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Introduction: Digitization Redefines the Customer Experience, p2
  • Section II: Improving Customer Service with Contextual Communications, p4
  • Section III: Step 1 of the Journey to Contextual Communications—Leverage UCaaS, p6
  • Section IV: Step 2 of the Journey to Contextual Communications—Integrate UC with Workflow and Productivity Tools, p10 Closing the Gap - the Solution p9
  • Section V: Step 3 of the Journey to Contextual Communications—Build Applications with CPaaS, p 10
  • Section VI: Enabling Contextual Communications Across the Customer Value Chain, p 12
  • Section VII: Conclusions and Recommendations, p 13
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