Reimagining Customer Experience

Your Guide to the New World of Customer Experience Reimagined with Digital Communications

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In this ebook you’ll learn:

What customer experience means today

What the technical fundamentals are for the new standards in customer communications

How digital communications APIs can transform the customer experience

How to deliver the necessary seamless, personalized experiences to win in competitive markets

Reimagining Customer Experience: Introduction

Customer expectations are entirely reshaping the business landscape.

With each app they download and business they buy from, customers now expect a perfect mix of efficiency, convenience, and personalization across every interaction and step of their journey. Anything less, and they simply look elsewhere.

Customer experience has the power to drive—or destroy—a brand’s ability to win and retain customers. Research has shown that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a great experience, while 89% will leave due to a poor experience. And by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product to become the key brand differentiator. It’s no wonder customer experience has become a crucial battleground for businesses—where the losers are losing big, and the winners are taking it all. To stay ahead of competitors, businesses must design outstanding and effortless experiences—and those experiences are increasingly staged on digital channels.

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A Good Read For
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Enterprise decision-makers
  • Customer experience leads
  • IT managers
  • Small and Medium-sized business owners
  • Welcome to the New World of Customer Experience, p2
  • The Customer Experience Revolution, p3
  • Customer Experience Reimagined with Digital Communications APIs, p4
  • Reimagining Customer Experience with the Vonage API Platform, p5
  • Getting Started with Programmable Communication, p6
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Reimagining Customer Experience

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