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9 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask

3.Does the System Support Mobility?

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As more businesses support a remote and on-the-go workforce, the benefits of having employees tied to the same phone system—wherever they are, on whatever device—can’t be understated.

Integrated Mobility: Mobile solutions are among the most robust and attractive amenities of cloud-hosted solutions. Mobile and desktop apps keep employees integrated within the phone system wherever they happen to be working. It also allows for a more manageable “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy for employers. And when the employees use a mobile app, caller ID shows the business number, allowing them to maintain a business presence at all times.

Separate Mobile: Most traditional providers offer a “separate mobile” option where they provide a separate mobile account, but one that may not be tied into the office phone system. In this case, once an employee leaves the office, access to the using office’s business phone system is lost. A cloud-based phone system solves this problem.

Shoppers seeking mobility solutions for business should ask about tools such as mobile apps and evaluate cost, utility, and integration with major devices.

Mobile and desktop apps keep employees integrated within the cloud-based phone system wherever they happen to be working.globe

The Vonage Business Cloud Mobile App for iOS® and Android® is included for every user on the account, as is the desktop app (complete with softphone that allows phone system use from the computer). The “Work from Anywhere” capability also enables employees to take their IP desk phones home, plug into high-speed Internet, and have the same phone system experience they have in the office. A plan option is also available for businesses that don’t require desk phones.

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The business phone landscape has changed forever, and it’s a perfect time for business owners to explore their options. Contact a Vonage representative at 1.844.324.0340 to learn more about our cloud-hosted small business phone solution.


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