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8.How Long Will it Take to Set Up Service?

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Traditional Setup: As one might guess, equipment-heavy traditional systems can take longer to set up because the provider must first schedule and install the system PBX at the customer business (the familiar “closetful of wires”). From the day a contract is signed, to installation and system setup, the process can take weeks. Also, customers are commonly required to purchase a service agreement to cover ongoing PBX maintenance and/or system updates.

Cloud-Hosted Setup: With cloud-hosted solutions, there is really no installation involved since the solution is connected via the internet. So, it is conceivable that VoIP phone system installation for small businesses can be set up the same day. A few details:

  • Customers must have a high-speed internet connection to enable service.
  • Phones are most often purchased from the provider and preconfigured before shipping to work on the system. (If the customer already has IP phones, the provider can sometimes reconfigure them to work on the new VoIP phone system.)
  • Once phones arrive, the customer notifies the provider when ready to initiate service and simply plugs the phones into the high-speed internet connection to activate the system. Service can be initiated even sooner if the customer wishes to use the service via mobile or desktop app.
With cloud-hosted solutions, there is really no installation involved since the solution is connected via the

It is common for new customers to request service as soon as possible, and the Vonage team is trained to consult and recommend an appropriate plan, assist with ordering phones and porting phone numbers as needed, and set up the customer account. Ideally, new customers can use their new service quickly with as little downtime as possible.

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