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9 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask

9.What About Onboarding and Training after Buying a New Phone System?

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There’s nothing like starting strong. When buying a new phone system, ask providers about their onboarding process and training to help your team become familiar with the system quickly. A few issues worth inquiry:

  • Number Porting. New customers wishing to transfer an existing phone number(s) to a new system should expect their new provider to handle this “porting” task for them. Porting is completed with the customer’s signed approval and requires the new provider to work directly with the former provider. It can usually take anywhere from one to four weeks to complete, so some providers will issue temporary phone number(s) to their new customer until the old number is ported successfully.
  • Account and Billing Setup. Providers should be able to accomplish this setup immediately and most will also provide online access to all billing and account details.
  • Training: Ask about the introductory materials customers should expect when buying a new phone system and whether virtual training is available to users and/or company administrators.
  • Online Support. Many providers will offer online support resources that customers can access at any time. Resources may range from system and feature details, to how-to and feature-installation videos. Cloud providers tend to offer particularly good online resources, since their systems are more easily self-managed by the customer.
Ask providers about their onboarding process and training to help your team become familiar with the system

Vonage Business assigns an onboarding team to each new customer account, charged with making the transition as smooth as possible. A Welcome Kit and User Guide is delivered upon signup and live interactive training sessions are offered every weekday. Also, a comprehensive support website and Knowledgebase library are available at all times.

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