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6.What If I Need Customer or Technical Phone System Support?

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Most small businesses don’t have an IT staff, and even if they do, maintaining the phone system may not be a staff function. They usually lean on their phone provider for phone system support, and the fact is that customer and technical support can differ greatly from provider to provider.

Traditional Tech Support: First, remember that traditional providers most often install their PBX in the customer’s office, so there can be a great deal of equipment to maintain over time (and troubleshoot onsite as needed). Customers may call, for example, if service is down or if they wish to add a new calling feature, and a technician visit would be scheduled to complete phone system support work on location. Billing for these visits will vary from provider to provider.

Many cloud-hosted solutions are easily self-managed, giving customers the option of accessing or requesting new features directly from an online admin

Virtual Tech Support: By contrast, cloud providers manage their systems virtually, with the feature-enabling PBX hosted in the cloud. So, service calls are managed without the need for a technician visit, and generally, service issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Many cloud-hosted solutions are easily self-managed, too, giving customers the option of accessing or requesting new features directly from an online admin portal.

Customer Support and Training: Many providers also offer support websites and training tools to help customers self-manage and become more fluent with their system. Still, many customers prefer to interact directly with a representative, so some providers commit to staffing full customer and technical support teams. Business owners should certainly look closely at the level of service offered by each provider for phone system support and factor it into the purchase decision.

Vonage Business staffs a large and knowledgeable in-house team of customer care and technical professionals, available every workday as well as after-hours and weekends for emergency service. Also, customers can always consult our robust support website for best practice advice and videos, and troubleshooting tips. Live training sessions are also available and recommended for new customers.

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