VoIP Phone Solutions vs Traditional Service

Why Cloud-based Phone Systems Give Businesses a Competitive Advantage

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In this eBook you will learn about:

The basics of business VoIP

How to better meet mobility needs

How to contain costs with a leading-edge system

Why 24/7 customer and technical support is a business advantage

How to better connect distributed office locations and empower business with phone features

How easy it is to adopt and onboard with a VoIP system

VoIP Phone Solutions vs Traditional Service: Executive Summary

The business phone solution marketplace has reached a tipping point. Today companies seeking a new communications solutions are more likely to consider a cloud-hosted VoIP system over a traditional phone service.

At the heart of the revolution is the convergence of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and cloud hosting that allow next-generation calling features, integrated mobile access, and efficiencies that often keep costs lower than traditional solutions.

In this eBook, you’ll explore how businesses are doing more with cloud-based phone technology – and learn why VoIP technology can keep your business ahead of your competition.

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A Good Read For
  • New business owners
  • Chapter 1:
    Out with the Old (in with VoIP)
  • Chapter 2:
    Welcome to the Cloud
  • Chapter 3:
    Meeting Mobility Needs
  • Chapter 4:
    Containing Costs with a Leading-edge System
  • Chapter 5:
    Connecting Distributed Office Locations
  • Chapter 6:
    Empowering Business Phone Features
  • Chapter 7:
    Customer and Technical Support
  • Chapter 8:
    Reliability By Design
  • Chapter 9:
    Easy Adoption and Onboarding
  • Chapter 10:
    No-Contract Simplicity
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VoIP Phone Solutions vs Traditional Service:

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