Technology Overview for SD-WAN: Introducing SmartWAN

If you need a technology overview for SD-WAN, then the first place to start is understanding how it can help organizations glean better quality of service (QoS) and experience (QoE) from the cloud solutions they depend on. By sorting and shaping the traffic that comes over a company's network, the technology can significantly optimize the bandwidth their critical solutions use.

In fact, Vonage offers its own take on SD-WAN for UCaaS — and, what's more, it's a recognized leader in the technology's sphere. SmartWAN is the latest addition to its suite of tools and services that can help resolve issues in the era of cloud-everything.

Balancing Bandwidth Needs

Companies are seeing the benefits of cloud-based business solutions, and they're moving more and more services to the cloud. This increased traffic can certainly affect quality of service. Digging deeper, this issue is further compounded by the fact that most business networks don't have the means to recognize, let alone prioritize, the many types of traffic they carry. In other words, there's a difference between video conference traffic and Netflix traffic, but your network reacts to them the exact same way.

Two-way traffic — traffic from solutions that must continually upload and download in real time to provide their communications services — is another concern. Though VoIP and video conference communications tools are surprisingly efficient, they still benefit from preferential treatment. Additionally, putting them on a network that's already taxed by other cloud services can sometimes lead to brownouts and other quality-related issues, impacting quality and clarity of communications when your employees call colleagues, customers, and others.

Technology Overview for SD-WAN

How do SD-WAN tools such as SmartWAN help businesses address all the above-mentioned challenges of cloud adoption? This time, the elevator pitch comes down to a single word: prioritization. By continually re-analyzing and re-allocating prioritization, the technology constantly puts your communication traffic in proper order, ensuring real-time, two-way traffic and other high-priority data gets treatment reflective of its importance.

That said, the technology has the potential to do more than hold the velvet rope for your traffic, useful though that feature is on its own. It can route data through multiple modes of connectivity — a combination of multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and public broadband, for instance — giving companies with more than one data connection even more inroads to quality communication. If a considerable traffic spike or even an outage takes one option down, it simply moves communication traffic over to the next-best option.

However, a company doesn't need multiple connections to benefit from what SD-WAN has to offer. For some companies, quite the opposite is true: Its ability to optimize and route traffic can allow organizations to move to lower, less expensive broadband packages, a savings that only increases with every branch or satellite they deploy SD-WAN to.

Then there's the idea of administrative simplicity. For companies utilizing an existing suite of one vendor's products (or those interested in switching), choosing a provider that offers an SD-WAN product such as SmartWAN helps you check yet another major business need off the list, all with the assistance of a single provider. Considering many VoIP tools can be deployed anywhere high-speed internet is available, this single-vendor approach to communications can be far preferable to dealing with a tangled weave of regional telecommunications providers.

Your Ticket to Better Cloud Communication

As more and more processes move to the cloud, a tool that optimizes bandwidth — despite the business's increasing reliance on traffic-generating solutions — has tremendous value. Throw in the simplicity of dealing with a single provider for a number of your most important services, and it's easy to see why SmartWAN is an increasing presence in businesses nationwide. If bandwidth is an issue at your office(s) or soon will be, give it a look and see what it can do for you.

Did this technology overview for SD-WAN intrigue you? Visit Vonage Business to learn even more about this exciting new technology.

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