The Best Video Conferencing for Small Businesses Enables Virtual Home Tours in Real Estate

For many home buyers in red-hot markets, it feels like a race to tour a home as soon as it goes on the market and put in a competitive offer before someone else swoops in. Real estate agencies, on the other hand, have to come up with increasingly innovative ways to serve their many clients as competition rises across the country.

A woman sitting at her desk, using the best video conferencing for small businesses.
Thanks to the best video conferencing for small businesses, home buyers can take virtual home tours wherever they are.

Fortunately, they've come up with a smart solution for their needs: using the best video conferencing for small businesses to host virtual tours. These tours are for potential home buyers who can't come to the properties themselves to view them in time. Here's how virtual home tours work and why they're becoming a popular way for agents to show and sell homes:

Showing Homes in Competitive Housing Markets

Until recently, it was a given that prospective buyers would want to see houses in person. Who would feel comfortable signing on the dotted line without making sure their future castle isn't really a dodgy fixer-upper that could cost them serious money in hidden repairs? In order to move forward, buyers first need to picture themselves there. That's why one of the primary responsibilities of a real estate agent has always been to physically show homes to prospective clients in person.

So, what exactly about shopping for a new home has changed in recent years? With real estate booming in many areas, properties are selling quickly. Someone who is thinking of relocating to a new location may not be able to hop on a plane quickly enough to view a home there before someone else snaps it up. Military families in particular face unique challenges due to fixed schedules for relocation or tours of duty. In all cases, a little technology-enabled flexibility goes a long way toward helping house hunters get a first look at their potential new home while still keeping up with their other obligations.

The Best Video Conferencing for Small Businesses

Real estate agencies can bridge the gap by taking prospective home buyers directly inside a house or condo with video teleconferencing. Home buyers can join in from wherever they are — at work, from their current homes, or on the go — and carefully examine properties and ask detailed questions before they make their decision on whether to buy. This provides convenience and flexibility for the clients, but it also benefits real estate agents. If they need to show multiple buyers a home at once, they can do so via a video conference. Real estate agents can take advantage of other cloud application benefits that streamline their day-to-day tasks, such as shared contact information that makes it easier to make a quick call to the current residents of a home they need to show on short notice.

Given that virtual home tours can be a win-win for both real estate professionals and home buyers, it's no surprise they're becoming more common. According to a recent survey from Redfin, one in three home buyers made an offer sight unseen within the past year. An even greater number of millennials (41 percent) opted to buy their homes without physically viewing them in person. So, when real estate agents take advantage of the best video conferencing for small businesses, they're also meeting the expectations of a growing population of millennial clients who are willing to conduct important transactions like these in a sophisticated, technology-enabled way.

Making Virtual Home Buying More Personal

Of course, some people will always feel hesitant about springing for a major, life-changing purchase without being able to see it in person. One way real estate agents can make the home-buying experience more comfortable is to conduct all meetings with clients via video conferencing, so they can get to know and trust one another on a personal level. Some real estate professionals also use group video chats in which buyers can get their complicated legal and tax questions answered by a professional in the field. Closing on a house can be a nerve-wracking moment, so some real estate agents set up a video conference for the buyer and the seller to sign together.

Thanks to virtual home tours, real estate agents are selling homes to buyers more quickly and easily. Since this trend is already on the upswing, you can expect to see more agents relying on video conferencing as part of their daily routine. It's a powerful way to bring clients face-to-face — no matter where they are — with what could be their dream home.

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