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The Cloud Can Save Costs Associated with Job Cuts

Whenever the large company I used to work for cut jobs they would have a re-organisation, where all staff were sent to "stand by the playground wall". Business managers were then chosen to run business processes - like Operations, Finance, etc and each was given a new headcount budget.

Each manager then picked players from "the playground wall" to fill new posts in his or her new organisation, and those left against the wall were "given personnel help to find something else to do with their lives".

This concentrating of the functions would end up with specialisation and centralisation of job functions and "all ten people who did something" would end up in the same room, usually in a call centre.

Often this meant staff being asked to move their job to a distant town, in order to centralise the function. Some staff would relocate and claim expenses to cover the extra costs of travel (or even house removals) and others would choose redeployment to a new job, or often redundancy. None of the choices were good for the employees, but each choice also cost the company extra money, either in extra travel expenses, or in recruiting and training somebody new to do the job.

One way to avoid the above costs is to use a cloud contact centre with agents acting as a single group of people, but located in their existing offices (or homes), taking calls over their existing phone and using their existing PC to access the web for controlling login times on their call centre and gaining support from their colleagues and supervisors via Instant Messaging.

Supervisors can still monitor calls and see the states agents are in, as well as seeing full reporting and statistics of all agents in their team.

Good examples of this might include banks and travel agents, where a large amount of very skilled staff are employed in many locations but can now act as a single call centre, without any extra expense or loss of experience. As staff leave under natural wastage, they can gradually be replaced by staff in the most cost effective location.
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