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Tip of the Month: Overcoming Mobility Challenges

Mobility is one of the hottest trends in the technology world today-from the proliferation of smart phones and mobile applications to the recognition by businesses that it’s no longer an option in order to stay competitive.

At Vocalocity we strive to provide you and your business all the tools you need to leverage mobility by offering services empowering you to “Work Smart from Anywhere”. We take pride in offering you features like Vocalocity Mobile, our new app that allows you use a smartphone just like you would your desk phone, and Vocalocity Desktop that integrates your phone system with all your favorite desktop applications.

All of this technology convergence is very exciting - productivity improvements and increasing inefficiencies are undeniable across the board! Although, as our technologies converge, we also start to realize that the lines between our personal and business lives are graying and it’s becoming more and more important to be able to delineate personal calls from business calls—the answer? Call Screening.

Our Call Screening feature is free for all customers and is designed to work across all of your devices. Essentially, it prompts your caller to state their name prior to answering the call, providing insight into who is calling and time to prepare how to address the caller.

Whether you’re the small business owner, or one of his mobile Sales Reps, knowing who is on the other end of a phone call puts you back in control by allowing you to manage both your business and personal lives effectively once again. What’s more, this feature shines where traditional Caller ID technologies fall short. Your calls are screened to your specification, every time.

Other Benefits of Call Screening?

  • Mobility Challenges Mitigated: Rest assured you can utilize all the benefits of the mobility trends without having to give up, or deal with the convergence of your personal and business life.
  • Improved Life / Workplace Balance: Choose to avoid taking work calls after-hours and help keep balance within your life.
  • Improved Time Management: Take only important calls when in meetings or working collaboratively, send the rest to voicemail for attention at a later time.
  • Superior Customer Service: Should a call come in to the wrong department, seamlessly transfer calls to the appropriate department, extension, or call group and retain the original caller name recording.

How Does Call Screening Work?

There are two ways you can configure your Call Screening feature:

  1. to “Announce the caller name and connect immediately with action needed”,
  2. Or, “Announce the caller name and wait for dialpad key command.”

If you choose the second configuration, you have the options to upload your own greeting or use a default greeting, and the following dialpad key commands:

  • Press 1 to accept the call
  • Press 2 to send the call to voicemail
  • Press 3 to transfer the call
  • Press 4 to transfer the call by name

To enable Call Screening, simply log into our online portal at:

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