Vonage customer service agent Once you become a Vonage Business customer, we’ll help you put your new phone system to work right away. As efficient as a cloud phone system is, you’ve now got over 40 VoIP calling features, apps and integrations at your fingertips. So, it pays to take advantage of our onboarding and training resources to help you transition quickly and let the system support the way you do business.

Our relationship with you and your business starts here, and we provide the people and tools to help you succeed quickly:

Welcome Kit

New customers immediately receive our comprehensive Welcome Kit, which includes an online “Getting Started Guide” to walk you through basic setup and onboarding steps. The Kit further introduces you to your Vonage Business calling features, and you’ll be linked to your password-protected Admin Portal. You’ll also be directed to custom tools to help you and your team master the system. In addition, we’ll provide you an update on any next steps in the phone-number porting process, if applicable.

Live Admin Portal Training/Q&A

We encourage every new customer to attend at least one of our live Admin Portal Training sessions, offered five days a week, four times a day. The Admin Portal is where customer administrators maintain real-time, virtual control of the entire phone system, including: customizing features, creating and assigning users, managing extensions, viewing account activity and analytics, and reviewing billing. This training provides a bird’s-eye view of the business VoIP phone system and ends with an active Q&A session.

Vonage Business Support Website

Our support website provides a goldmine of empowering resources to help you set up, customize and maximize every feature within the phone system. In fact, we’ll direct you to the Get Started section right away to help you set up your account and users. From Day 1, the support website is helpful for any employee on the Vonage system who wants specific phone system insights, step-by-step instructions and best-practice tips.

The tools above are available to you at any time – but don’t forget that you always have access to in-house Customer Care representatives who can answer questions and further help you with setup and onboarding. Your Vonage Business phone system is a powerful business tool, and we believe the time you invest in onboarding and training should pay rich dividends.

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