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Connect a VoIP phone system to your internet. Connect a cloud phone system to a private MPLS network. Install our feature-rich apps on your employees’ smartphones. Build a small business phone system and talk, chat, fax, text, video conference, and more in all your offices, at home and on-the-go.

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From three extensions to 3,000 extensions, our cloud phone systems give you more control over your communications. Easily add extensions or softphones from your desktop. Set call recording rules by extension, across your entire company, or for your multi-channel contact center. You can even access your system remotely.

What's a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system? Well, for starters, it’s great.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means your phone will run over high-speed internet and connect your IP network to the cloud. A small business VoIP phone system that’s hosted in the Vonage Cloud is feature-rich, reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Features are great. But if your business phone system is down, it won't matter.

No matter what VoIP phone system you choose, we want to provide you with optimal quality of service over voice, video, and data. With easy setup and no installation for small businesses, end-to-end management for enterprises, and 24x7x365 customer and IT support for all business sizes, Vonage can maximize your uptime and keep your business doing business.

If you use it, we can integrate with it

Connect your business phone system to the business applications you use every day.

Powerful Business Critical Phone Features

Vonage Essentials Features
Vonage Premier Features
Business phone features for a powerful, small business phone system that runs on your own internet

Personalize your business.

Work on the go.

Collaborate with colleagues.

  • * Call Group
    Forward calls to multiple extensions at once and have them ring simultaneously.
  • * Call Monitoring
    Give authorized users the ability to listen in on and monitor calls.
  • Chat
    Chat with people inside or outside your organization. Powered by Amazon Chime.
  • * Conference Bridge
    Connect up to 30 participants with the push of a button.
  • File Sharing
    Share files instantly by attaching them in a meeting, a chat, or a chat room. Powered by Amazon Chime.
  • Online Meetings
    Run online meetings from your mobile device or your desktop with a single tap or click. Powered by Amazon Chime.
  • * Paging Group
    Broadcast an announcement to your entire team or just those who you’ve selected.
  • Video Conferencing
    Conduct high-quality video conference calls on your desktop or mobile device. Powered by Amazon Chime.

Give great customer service.

Save time and money.

* Indicates that the feature is a add-on/paid feature
Business phone features for a UCaaS-driven solution providing integrated communications on a private MPLS network
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
    This feature enables a user to reject calls from parties who have explicitly restricted their identities.
  • * AudioConnect
    This feature gives you a secure, enterprise-grade conferencing interface that lets you connects up to 300 people on the same teleconferencing call.
  • Authentication
    This feature provides authentication of sessions for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)- based customer premises equipment to prevent unauthorized access to the system.
  • * Auto Attendant
    Auto attendant is our customizable automated answering service that routes your customers to the right person as quickly as possible.
  • Automatic CallBack
    This feature allows a user to be notified when the previously called busy party becomes idle and is automatically connected without having to redial the phone number.
  • Barge-In Exempt
    When a user has the Barge-in Exempt feature enabled, another user (using the Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in feature) cannot barge in on that user’s calls. If a caller attempts to use Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in to barge in on the user with Barge-in Exempt enabled, the barge-in is rejected and the Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in caller hears a reorder tone.
  • Basic Call Logs
    This feature provides a user with access to a small number of call logs. The Enhanced Call Logs feature provides a user with access to several days of call logs.
  • Busy Lamp Field
    This feature indicates which phones on the system are in use by displaying a clear status on your phone display. Each BLF key on your phone also acts as a speed dial.
  • * Call Center
    Manage all your inbound calls efficiently with our resilient, full-featured call center that’s fully equipped with sophisticated analytics.
  • Call Forwarding Always
    This feature allows a user to redirect all incoming calls to another destination automatically.
  • Call Forwarding Busy
    This feature allows a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the user is busy.
  • Call Forwarding No Answer
    This feature allows a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when the user does not answer within a specified number of rings.
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable
    This feature allows users to redirect incoming calls to a configurable destination when the user’s device is unreachable or unregistered.
  • Call Forwarding Selective
    This feature allows a user to redirect incoming calls to a specified destination based on selective criteria specified by the user.
  • Call Notify
    This feature allows a user to receive email notifications about selected incoming calls based on the specified selection criteria.
  • * Call Recording
    Capture and access important information with call recording, and easily organize your recorded calls.
  • Call Return
    This feature enables a user to return the call from the last party that called. The system stores the number of the last party that called. When the user dials a recall feature access code, the system attempts to connect the user to that party.
  • Call Transfer
    Call Transfer is a convenient way to transfer calls, with no additional equipment to buy or lease.
  • Call Waiting
    This feature enables a user to answer a call, have someone else take the call, ask your caller to hold or to send the incoming call to voicemail.
  • * Contact Center
    Integrate the traditional voice call center with voice, chat, and email with our inbound and outbound contact center solution.
  • Customer Admin Portal
    This feature is administered on a per location basis and allows your company’s phone administrator(s) to fully manage and customize the phone system – and monitor account activity in real time.
  • Customer Originated Trace
    This feature enables the recipient of an obscene, harassing, or threatening call to request that it be automatically traced, either by dialing a feature access code after the call or by pressing a key “mid-call”.
  • Directed Call Pickup
    This feature allows a user to pick up (answer) a call directed to another user in the same customer group (or enterprise, if the group is part of an enterprise).
  • Do Not Disturb
    This feature temporarily stops incoming calls from ringing your Vonage phone number and send incoming calls to voicemail.
  • * Fax Mail
    Send and receive faxes from your desktop computer or mobile device, from virtually anywhere with fax mail.
  • Flash Call Hold
    This feature allows a user to place a call on hold and retrieve a held call by dialing a feature access code after flashing the switchhook.
  • Hoteling Guest
    This feature is assigned to Vonage users who need to access their services from different locations. Typically, such users identify actual persons in an organization who travel and need to make and receive calls at different locations while keeping their service profile.
  • Hoteling Host
    Typically, such users are configured with a basic set of services and do not identify an actual person within an organization. Note, however, that there are no service assignment restrictions on such users. A Hoteling Host user can have a full set of services, if desired.
  • * Hunt Group
    Hunt Group allows you to distribute phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of phone lines however works best for your business.
  • Last Number Redial
    This feature allows a user to make a call to the last dialed number without having to re-enter the number.
  • Local Number Redial
    This is your basic business phone number. Toll-free numbers options are also available.
  • * MobileConnect Softphone
    This feature-rich app allows employees to make and receive business calls and text messages on the go with access to the same robust in-office calling features as your deskphone. You can utilize your MobileConnect softphone client across multiple devices, such as desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • * MobileConnect IM & Presence
    This add-on feature for MobileConnect is two-fold. Instant Messaging allows for group chats and direct messages between MobileConnect users to populate within your MobileConnect app. Presence gives contacts in your directory an icon next to their names, which changes color based on their availability.
  • * MobileConnect Collaborate
    This feature works with MobileConnect Softphone and lets you utilize our robust voice, video, and web conferencing services on any devices, and one-click screen screen sharing with up to 7 other people on desktops and laptops.
  • * MobileConnect Video Conferencing
    A great add-on to your MobileConnect Softphone: Get your own personal virtual meeting room and connect with pros inside or outside your business. You can also share your desktop and video within your organization.
  • N-Way Call
    The N-Way Call feature allows a user to create ad hoc conferences with up to six other parties.
  • Priority Alert
    This feature enables users to have certain incoming calls ring on their telephone with a different tone, for example, when they receive a call from their manager or spouse or when the call is from inside the group.
  • Privacy
    The Privacy feature allows a user to exclude themselves from the group and enterprise directory listings as well as from the Auto Attendant extension and/or name dialing. The user can also prevent their phone status from being available to other users.
  • Push To Talk
    This feature allows a user to call another station, where the system requests that the destination station automatically answer. This provides for intercom-like functionality. The user at the destination station can control which users are allowed to call them in this way.
  • Remote Office
    This feature enables users to access and use their Vonage profile and services from any device, on-net or off-net (e.g... home office or mobile phone).
  • Selective Call Acceptance
    This feature enables a user to accept calls selectively, based on configurable conditions. Calls that do not meet the specified conditions are rejected and provided a designated treatment.
  • Selective Call Rejection
    This feature enables a user to define criteria that cause certain incoming calls to be rejected and provided a designated treatment. Additional criteria are automatically created by the system when calls are reported as malicious by the Customer Originated Trace service. All other calls terminate as usual.
  • Sequential Ring
    This feature allows a user to define a “find-me” list of phone numbers and URLs, which are alerted sequentially upon receiving an incoming call that matches a set of criteria. While the service searches for the user, the calling party is provided with a greeting followed by periodic comfort announcements. The caller can also interrupt the search at any point to leave a message by pressing a DTMF key.
  • Shared Call Appearance
    This feature allows you to have your profile on multiple devices. This profile can be shared across two or three phones and access all desktop phone features. While the service searches for the user, the calling party is provided with a greeting followed by periodic comfort announcements. The caller can also interrupt the search at any point to leave a message by pressing a DTMF key.
  • Simultaneous Ring Personal
    This feature allows a user to activate call forwarding by configuring your cell phone or other type of desk phone to ring when deskphone calls comes in.
  • * Speak2Dial™
    Dial a short extension and say the first or last name of the person you’re trying to reach, and Speak2Dial will place the call for you.
  • Speed Dial
    This feature allows a user to assign single-digit codes to frequently dialed or hard-to-remember long strings of digits. The user can then use these codes instead of the full numbers to place calls.
  • Three-Way Call
    This feature allows an active call to add a third party into that same call so that all can participate in the same conversation.
  • Unified Messaging/Voicemail
    This feature incorporates 30 minutes of recording space, click to-listen audio files, voicemail to email, and custom zero-out prompts. It’s useful in emergencies where users have the option to press zero and be sent to a support team or other extension inside the company.
  • User Portal
    This feature lets you manage extensions and control settings conveniently through an online portal. Employees have access to change their extension-specific settings, while administrators can easily manage all extensions.
  • * Videoconnect
    This easy to use HD video conferencing feature can be accessed on all your devices. Dial into a video conference bridge from your desktop, web browser, smartphone, or tablet, even set up or call in for video conferencing on the fly and on the go.
  • Virtual Numbers
    This feature allows you to create up to 11 numbers using local area codes. Incoming calls from these numbers will all ring your deskphone while outgoing calls will appear to be local to the caller regardless of your physical location.
  • Visual Voicemail
    Available as an add-on, this voicemail transcription feature turns your voicemail to text and immediately delivers it to your email with an audio file attachment – accessible on any device where you check email.
  • Vonage® "Anywhere"
    Place a call from a third-party device and it will route through the Vonage system. Dial into the voice portal, type in a password and the call will be placed as if it’s coming from your deskphone.
  • * Webconnect
    This add-on feature lets you host online meetings, targeted webinars, and training events with just the click of a button. Virtual collaboration empowers participants to share information including documents, videos, desktop screens, applications, and other media.
* Indicates that this is an add-on feature
Phones & Accessories
Vonage-certified IP phones, routers, and accessories
Better communications keep up with speed-of-light growth
As the gap between highly intuitive consumer technology and the applications employees use in the workplace widens, it should also be clear that the solution involves more than an updated phone system.
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Business grade. People friendly.

From a cloud-hosted phone system on your current broadband to a unified communications solution on a dedicated network, we can build custom communications for every business and every budget.

Vonage® Essentials
Robust, intuitive, and small business friendly:

Runs on your high-speed internet connection

40+ features to help you customize your business communications

Mobile and desktop applications enable mobile working and virtual teams

High-quality voice, point to point video, and messaging

Includes the Amazon Chime Pro tier, offering chat, screen share, video and web conferencing

Integrates with the business applications you use everyday

Easily scales as your business grows

Simple activation and setup with 24/7 customer support

Month-to-month contracts available

Vonage® Premier
Enterprise-grade unified communications:

Enterprise-grade unified communications

Hybrid network and bring your own broadband options with SD-WAN

One of the nation’s largest purpose-built MPLS networks

Elevated quality of service for voice, video, and data communications

Advanced features including conferencing for up to 300 users

Mobile and desktop applications enable mobile working and virtual teams

Reliable and scalable solutions for inbound, outbound, and multi-site contact centers

Deep integration ties phone service to top business applications

End-to-end managed installation and dedicated service teams

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