Justify Your Trip to Campus

Copy Letter

Dear ,

I’d like to attend Vonage’s first-ever worldwide customer and developer conference — Campus 2019, from October 29-30 in San Francisco.

Campus 2019 is bringing together the best minds in communications to share stories, experiences, use cases, and new ways to think about how we engage with our customers and employees. Best of all it’s free to attend.

Here’s why I’d like to attend and how could benefit:

  • I’ll become more productive — I’ll get hands-on training to learn new tools, techniques and product features that’ll enable me to work more quickly and efficiently — that’ll save time and money.
  • I’ll learn from the experts — Campus 2019 hands-on labs and workshops are lead by the experts from Vonage, and directly relate to the job I do. I’ll be able to learn from real-world case studies of success.
  • I’ll learn more about Vonage’s products and tools — The Vonage technology stack has changed dramatically over the last couple of years with the addition of NewVoiceMedia and Nexmo. I want to better understand their plans for programmable communications tools, unified communications, and sales and service contact centers.
  • I’ll learn from my peers — Campus 2019 attendees and presenters come from organizations of all sizes, from all over the world. I’ll be able to exchange ideas and get solutions to the challenges we’re facing.

I believe Campus 2019 is worth the investment in my time. As I said, it’s free to attend. What do you think? You can learn more about Campus 2019 at vonage.com/campus.


Copy Letter