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What's Voice got to do with me?

Simply satisfying your customers is no longer enough.  Exceptional customer interactions that combine... 

  • Real-time responses and faster resolutions

  • A deep understanding of their needs and intent

  • Preferred language and dialects 

...are the name of the game in order for your brand to stand out.

The Vonage Voice API is an exceptional tool for creating personalized, contextual call experiences for your customers quickly and affordably.

Watch this exclusive webinar exploring how you can enrich the conversation with your customers with the features of our Voice API. 


Explore some common use cases including:

  • Virtual Agent Integration: Enable Virtual Agents for rapid responses to simple inquiries 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Real-time insight into caller sentiments and emotions enables better decision-making, support, and outcomes. 
  • Speech-enabled IVR: Create a richer customer experience with voice and navigation options via integration with AI platform of choice 
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Option of verifying users via voice codes  
Speakers Kyle Riordan and Steven Giuffre share customer stories and answer viewer questions in this on-demand webinar!
Kyle Riordan headshot

Kyle Riordan

Kyle has been with Vonage for over 3 years and is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager responsible for the APIs and SDKs within the Voice and Conversation Portfolio of the API Platform. In addition to product responsibilities Kyle manages the API group’s vertical efforts in Finance, Travel and Contact Center Augmentation. Kyle is an east coast transplant from Massachuesetts now based in San Francisco.
Steven Giuffre - headshot

Steven Giuffre

Steven Giuffre is a Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Vonage API Marketing Team. Steven balances his specialty in Voice with a focus on omnichannel solutions that allow brands within verticals such as E-Commerce and Logistics to enrich their customer experiences. Prior to Vonage, Steven has led Product Marketing and Product Management initiatives at Mitel and Intrado, respectively. Originally from the East Coast of the United States, Steven earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from James Madison University in Virginia and now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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We hope you enjoy the "What's Voice got to do with me?" on-demand webinar.