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AGENT511 & Vonage: Integrated Communication Platforms & Contact Center Solutions for Utilities, Emergency Services, Municipalities, and Enterprises

Who we are

AGENT511 specializes in mobile technology and customer contact center tools providing their clients with the most integrated solutions including interactive text, email, voice, and social media communications delivering a seamless customer experience. They serve the utilities, emergency services, municipalities, and enterprise spaces.

How we work with Vonage

AGENT511 uses Vonage's WebRTC server for sharing multimedia messages with contact centers. The server integrates with AGENT511's TEXTBLUE platform, a text to 9-1-1 solution that seamlessly delivers text, pictures, and video. Through Vonage's interactive video API, TEXTBLUE LIVESTREAM provides a wireless user and a dispatcher with the ability to share video through a unique link that can be shared with first responders. Audio and video may be configured for one or two-way communication. Either party may terminate the sharing at any time. The dispatcher can also forward a similar URL to first responders to participate in the session. Achieving 2-way, interactive live video capability supplies dispatchers on the front lines of emergency response with the additional capacity to rapidly navigate communications across a citizen's journey.

  • Hospitality/Travel/Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services/Insurance
  • Logistics
Areas of Focus
  • Customer Engagement
  • Call Center
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration/Comms
  • Business Productivity
  • Support

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