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SIP Trunking

Scaling On-Demand and Globally with Vonage’s Elastic SIP Trunking

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Reach globally

Connect your company to 7 billion people across 225 countries and over 1,600 telecommunication networks.

Elastic capability

Forgo capacity planning and scale up or down as required by your business.

Instant connectivity

Instantly connect to our network without the hassle of negotiating lengthy carrier contracts.

How sip trunking works

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Connect to our Network

Configure your PBX to our network following our guide.

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Get the Numbers You Need

You provision and publish the Vonage phone numbers you need for your customers to reach your company.   Provision toll-free or local numbers in each country where you do business.

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Your Customers Call You

Your customers call  you and reach your contact center.  Optionally, add a simple IVR menu to your inbound call flow to enable callers to reach the right department directly.

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You Call Your Prospects

You launch telemarketing, collection, or other outbound campaigns without regard for capacity planning as our SIP trunks automatically up or down to meet the needs of your business  In addition, with Vonage Number Insights, you save costs by validating that numbers are good and reachable before you call them. 

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Gain Actionable Insights

You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your traffic and campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our Management API.

Why choose Vonage APIs for sip trunking?

High quality voice

The Vonage platform connects directly to the Vonage MPLS network and to tier 1 carriers that provide high quality voice services. In addition, with data centers in all regions of the world and our automatic location-based routing, our network delivers the low latency and high reliability your business critical applications require.

Per-second billing

Pay only for the seconds you use - with per-second billing, you don’t pay for unused partial minutes.

Automatic Location-Based Routing

Route calls to the closest gateway to reduce latency and improve call quality.

Connect to the cloud fast

Link your PBX infrastructure to the cloud and work faster, save money, and avoid traditional capacity restrictions

Scale your on-site contact center

Power your contact center with SIP connectivity to avoid carrier and contract management in multiple countries.

Go global with ease

Accept global inbound calls through the cloud. Send outbound calls anywhere with Vonage local phone number support.

PBX compatibility

Use detailed PBX configuration guides to instantly provision trunks.

Efficient elasticity

Eliminate pre-provisioning trunks to save money with near-unlimited capacity.

Programmable SIP

Easily add Voice API & Conversation Service functionality on top of your SIP based communication infrastructure

Related programmable solutions

800 number replacement

Smart is the new toll-free. Replace 800 numbers with smart local numbers to reduce costs and improve service.

Call Tracking

Track call metadata for lead generation and marketing campaigns: and turn your calls into marketing.

Simple IVR

Add a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script to your existing applications.

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