Reimagine the Contact Centre:

Roundtable Lunches With Salesforce and Vonage

August - September 2021, various cities across Australia
12 pm to 2:30 pm local time
Avoiding silos the contact center

It’s time to bring back the in person power lunch. Join senior industry leaders from Salesforce and Vonage for an intimate roundtable on transforming the contact centre. There’ll be plenty of food and facts, including:

  • How some organisations, that do not identify with contact centres, still operate with service advisors and brokers
  • Why certain organisations score a better CSAT than others
  • The costs of working with legacy systems and not taking action
  • Technologies that directly impact staff, customers, and efficiency
  • How to start your transformation journey
We’ll also share some of the latest transformation stories across Australia and which organisations get it right.
Register now and we look forward to seeing you soon.