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Checklist For Success: 7 Crucial Considerations For Today's Contact Center Leaders

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Following a year that turned the traditional model upside down, contact center leaders are facing a plethora of new challenges. Responsible for implementing new processes and technologies while dealing with surging contact volume, new customer expectations, and primarily remote workforces, they have so much to consider.

What should they prioritize? What actions should they take? How can they get ahead?

Featuring exclusive research and expert insights, this webinar will answer those questions, and offer a 7-point checklist giving guidance on strategic initiatives that yield the greatest success and help to position businesses to elevate customer and agent satisfaction, while improving efficiency and maximizing budgets.

Topics include:

  • What contact center metrics and objectives are most important for 2021?

  • Which aspects of the customer journey will make or break customer relationships?

  • How can you assess and fix broken operational processes?

  • What are some insider secrets for keeping remote agents engaged?

  • Which technologies are most pivotal to success in 2021?

David Evans

Director Product Management Vonage
Brian Cantor Headshot

Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director Customer Management Practice

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