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Vonage (NYSE:VG) is redefining business communications. True to our roots as a technology disruptor, we’ve embraced technology to transform how companies communicate to create better business outcomes. Our unique cloud communications platform brings together a robust unified communications solution with the agility of embedded, contextual communications APIs. This powerful combination enables businesses to collaborate more productively and engage their customers more effectively across messaging, chat, social media, video and voice.

The Company also provides a robust suite of feature-rich residential communication solutions.

Vonage Holdings Corp. is headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey, with offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Israel. Vonage® is a registered trademark of Vonage Marketing LLC, owned by Vonage America Inc.

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VoIP provider Vonage announced the integration of its Business Inbox feature with Facebook Messenger, now available with the Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) unified communications service. VBC's social messaging functionalities allow customers to reply to messages sent in Messenger through all applications of their Vonage service, enabling businesses to respond to customers faster and organising customer requests in one unified inbox for better customer interactions.

Vonage announced its API platform, Nexmo, partnered with KPN to augment communication API presence in Europe. Nexmo joins the CUBES API Store stable of programmable communications APIs, with the newly available offerings making their first foray in the Netherlands.
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Business communications is transforming. A key chapter in this narrative is how companies are engaging customers. The digital age is driving multi-channel collaboration, and courtesy of a new wave of APIs the way businesses message with customers will never be the same. Vonage announced that Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, unveiled a new messaging solution with two new APIs – Messages API and Dispatch API –providing the cornerstone.

Vonage, a cloud communications platform provider, has announced the beta release of the Nexmo Messages API and Nexmo Dispatch API. Nexmo is an API platform that provides a number of tools developers can use to add contextual communications capabilities to applications.

In their latest announcement into the expansion of their Nexmo API platform, Vonage Business has just announced two interesting, and related, new products. These two APIs, the Nexmo Messages API, as well as the Nexmo Dispatch API, are all about providing organizations with the tools they need to provide the best customer experience possible.
MarTech Advisor

Vonage has launched a next-generation messaging solution built around two new APIs -- the Messages API and Dispatch API. Currently, in beta, the new APIs uniquely enable businesses to create a richer, more engaging customer experience through simple, reliable multi-channel messaging.
UC Today

Innovators in the world of business communications, Vonage, have announced that their Nexmo Communications API Connector on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform can now integrate with the WhatsApp Business solution.
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Responsible for leading Vonage's global marketing strategy, Mr. Dave will support the Company's role as a global leader in business cloud communications and help lead Vonage through its next phase of growth. As Vonage's suite of products and services grow, Mr. Dave will focus on maximizing awareness of these capabilities and the Company's ability to provide businesses with communications software that improves collaboration and productivity among employees, while creating more meaningful engagement with customers to drive better business outcomes.
UC Today

Global Cloud Communications vendor Vonage have announced the appointment of their new Chief Marketing Officer. Focussed on leading Vonage’s global marketing strategy, Rishi Dave will support the Vonage’s role as a global leader in business cloud communications and help lead the Company through its next phase of growth.
MarTech Advisor

Responsible for Vonage's global marketing strategy, Mr. Dave will support the Company's role as a global leader in business cloud communications and help lead Vonage through its next phase of growth.
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It’s clear that the lines between unified communications and contact center are blurring, and companies like Vonage need to have a tightly integrated UCaaS and CCaaS offering. It will be interesting to see how Vonage leverages Nexmo and its CPaaS capabilities to add value to its new contact center offering, as this can help the company truly differentiate itself. Vonage has grown from a consumer VoIP provider to a leading business UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS player. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next.
IT Pro Portal By Omar Javaid

Customer service is changing beyond recognition. Traditional call centres are losing value and appeal for consumers forced to endure long waits, hold times and insufficient service. Now, new and improved corporate communication solutions are changing the face of modern customer service. The implementation of new technologies such as AI and chatbots are making traditional contact centres a thing of the past.
Contact Center World

Vonage announced an expansion of its contact center footprint. The Company now offers its omnichannel contact center product suite, Vonage CX Cloud, to businesses of all sizes using its cloud-native unified communications platform, Vonage Business Cloud (VBC).
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Cloud communications provider Vonage made a bevy of announcements at Customer Contact Week, taking place in Las Vegas. First, the company announced it's expanding its contact center footprint by offering its omnichannel Vonage CX Cloud solution. Second, Vonage announced it has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) vendors to enhance the AI capabilities offered via is API platform, Nexmo. Last, but not least, Vonage announced programmable contact center capabilities through Nexmo so software developers can customize their solutions with capabilities like split recording and real-time text-to-speech translation.
UC Today

Vonage has announced new global programmable contact center capabilities through Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, including split recording, real-time text-to-speech translation, onAnswer and WebRTC supported by the Nexmo Voice API (VAPI).

Vonage is looking to expand its Contact Center footprint. In their latest round of announcements and product developments, the leading UC provider opened up their existing omnichannel contact center platform, Vonage CX Cloud, to all existing Vonage Business Cloud customers. This is great news for SMBs specifically, those both already utilizing Vonage or those in search of the right platform. Vonage CX Cloud enables organizations to provide cutting-edge customer service and support with some of the latest technologies and functionality included in their call center software.
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Vonage is advancing real-time intelligence in the enterprise by combining the power of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform (Nexmo), with the offerings of a growing network of artificial intelligence (AI) providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft; and AI-enabled Platforms and ISVs, including Workplace by Facebook, i2x, MuleSoft, OneReach, Over.ai, VoiceBase, Talkpush and Voicera.
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Continuing on our Top 5 journey, this week is all about Vonage. Vonage is a leading provider of cloud-based communications services, with nearly 2 million customers worldwide. They help small businesses thrive by transforming how people connect. As they’re cloud based, they provide complete flexibility to manage your services however you choose.
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Part of the answer probably lies in another offering, Vonage Business Cloud, which includes Amazon Chime. Vonage has, in some of its tailored packages, almost all the features of a PBX. Could Amazon be looking at making Chime a kind of Web element in third-party platforms?
CMS Wire - By Omar Javaid, Vonage Chief Product Officer

AI is becoming a part of everyday life. It’s inevitable that chatbots will play a major role in defining how businesses function in the near future, but it won’t be chatbots as we see them today. Like humans, bots perform best when exposed to a myriad of different tools and types of information. The more connected they become, the more impressive their output will be.

Vonage has begun offering its advanced omnichannel contact center product suite, Vonage CX Cloud, to businesses using its cloud-native unified communications platform, Vonage Business Cloud (VBC).
TMCNet, Call Center

When selecting the Vonage CX Cloud organizations can easily take advantage of UCaaS integration, ensuring a seamless experience, as well as the flexible, user-friendly and fast communications tools. The solution delivers omnichannel routing, for both agents and customers, in addition to robust analytics to address coaching, training, morale and more in the contact center. The solution is built to scale, and only requires a few clicks of a mouse.
UC Today

Premium sponsors include Genesys, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Five9, Microsoft, Vonage Business, IBM Watson, Avaya, Zailab. Vonage was listed as a honorable mention of the NextGen Innovation of the Year award. Twilio was listed as an honorable mention of the Omnichannel Provider of the Year award.

Vonage has announced new global programmable contact center capabilities through Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, including split recording, real-time text-to-speech translation, onAnswer and WebRTC supported by the Nexmo Voice API (VAPI).
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At Facebook's F8 Developer Conference taking place this week, UCaaS provider Vonage announced an integration of its new chatbot, Vee, for Workplace by Facebook. The integration gives Workplace users a virtual assistant to create and manage artificial intelligence-powered conferencing. The Vee integration with Workplace is a good example of the value created from Vonage's acquisition of Nexmo two years ago.

Vonage is among the companies helping to enable this kind of [productivity] integration. The company recently released a new version of its Vonage Integration Suite. It connects critical business applications with Vonage’s unified communications and collaboration offerings using a single connector interface.
Yahoo! Finance

MyEyeDr, a national provider of optometry services, has renewed its partnership with leading business cloud communications company, Vonage to continue to provide a full suite of cloud communications solutions to its 6,000 employees across more than 370 locations, expanding to 600 locations over the next three years.
Channel Partners

Vonage has launched its first chatbot, Vee, which augments the customer experience via the company’s cloud-native platform, Vonage Business Cloud. Bob Crissman, Vonage’s senior vice president and channel chief, tells Channel Partners that Vee illustrates the importance of going to market with business solutions as opposed to simply selling products. Users can set up and manage their accounts, using natural language commands to ask Vee questions and receive assistance in troubleshooting issues in real time. Live chat with Vee suggests a variety of options to meet a customer’s needs based on the context of the questions asked, the company said.
UC Today

Vonage, a business cloud communications leader, has announced the launch of its chatbot, Vee in beta. The first virtual customer assistant integrated with a cloud-based unified communications solution, Vee enhances the customer experience on Vonage’s next-generation, cloud-native platform, Vonage Business Cloud (VBC). Vee enables Vonage customers to streamline managing their account services with fast and easy access to support via simple, natural language text commands.
Wireless Week - By Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer, Vonage

Clearly, cloud communications is transforming the way businesses operate, streamlining internal communications and enhancing external communications to drive success. So, given the flexibility and innovation inherent in the cloud, as well as our appetite for anytime, anywhere communications and drive toward digitization, there’s very likely to be a cloud in your communications future.
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Now seven months into his run as SVP and channel chief at Vonage, Circle of Excellence honoree Bob Crissman directed the launch of the Vonage Partner Network, which includes a new partner portal and the debut of Vonage Teaming +. The company is focusing on making working with Vonage easier and more predictable for its partners. Crissman and his team are committed to better support its partners in all aspects of the sales and customer life cycle.
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Vonage is taking a new step with the way it works with channel partners with the debut of its Vonage Partner Network program, enabling partners to solve customers’ complex communications service issues. Leveraging the service provider’s combination of unified communications solutions and embedded, contextual communications APIs, Vonage’s partners can help customers collaborate more productively and engage in more meaningful ways to create better business outcomes. The new program builds off Vonage’s deep channel partner roster.
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Vonage, a business cloud communications leader, is placing the power of real-time communications into the hands of business users by integrating Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, with a growing network of leading Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) providers, including Microsoft, MuleSoft, Built.io and Tray.io, and bot platform partners, including Google, Converse.ai, Aspect.ai, Exceed.ai and Inference.
Channel Partners

Vonage just rolled out its new cloud-native platform aimed at midmarket business needs. It replaces its Vonage Essentials product. Vonage Business Cloud integrates with tools for messaging, increased mobility, network optimization and video collaboration, and was specifically designed and developed around a public cloud-based architecture, allowing for faster innovation and accelerating global expansion, the company said. Bob Crissman, Vonage’s chief channel officer, tells Channel Partners the platform is engineered to help small and mid-sized businesses access the same set of business features and functionality that have typically been offered to larger enterprises.

One of the interesting aspects of UC is that it is constantly evolving, making it difficult for service providers to ensure their customers are always getting the latest, greatest features and functions. The modernized VBC platform will enable Vonage to ensure that as the UC changes, it can quickly update VBC to ensure its customers are always on the leading edge of this market.
UC Today

To learn more about chatbot implementation, and the industries most likely to embrace the AI revolution, I spoke to the president of Nexmo, Tony Jamous, about their channel-specific APIs, designed to help companies retain happier customers.
Channel Partners Online

Enterprises today need business communications systems that do two things: efficiently power internal communications and collaboration for employees and improve engagement with stakeholders outside the company to deepen relationships and increase customer loyalty.
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Did you ever call your bank to discuss an issue with your account, and end up having to sit through lots of hold music, before repeating your issue to a number of different people? For most of you, the answer is probably yes, writes Tony Jamous, the president of Nexmo, the Vonage application programme interface (API) platform.

Three standout consumer topics from 2017 were virtual assistants (voice-controlled AI), cryptocurrency, and chatbots. Each also has important implications for enterprise communications moving into 2018.
Channel Partners Online

2018 will be a pivotal year for the channel as technology continues to dramatically change the way businesses operate. Emerging technologies, such as chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) and API integration, once relegated to the consumer space, will become pervasive within the enterprise business segment.
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Now that the New Year's ball has dropped, resolutions have been made and we're all back at work from the holidays, a new thing will emerge: I call it FOFB. This is the "fear of falling behind." And like FOMO, this fear is technology-enabled.

A great example of communication and AI is chatbots. "We are seeing an increase of AI and chatbots in e-commerce settings to help buyers make smarter purchases and to enhance the overall customer experience," said Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer, Vonage.


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