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Vonage Channel Partner Promotion

Terms and Conditions

This Vonage Channel Partner promotion is effective as of January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024 (“Promotion”) and is available to those persons and entities ("Channel Partner") who are parties to a master agent, channel partner, authorized sales agent or other written and executed sales agent agreement (“Channel Partner Agreement”) with Vonage Business Inc. or other affiliates of Vonage Holdings Corp. except Nexmo Inc. (collectively, "Vonage" or “Company”). The  following terms and conditions shall apply to this Promotion:



"Activation" shall mean when the Customer's Service is fully installed, enabled, billable and available for Customer's use.

MRR” shall mean only monthly recurring charges billed by Company for Company Services provided to Customers in the Territory, and excludes all non-recurring charges, installation and implementation fees, third party products (except for those third party products noted below which are an exception to the third party product exclusion) or services resold or distributed by Company, Vonage Apps Center products, bundled minutes, transcription minutes, equipment and equipment-related charges, shipping, taxes, duties, e-911 fees, regulatory fees, USF, set-up fees and recovery fees, early termination fees and buyout fees. Customer chargebacks (described below), bad debt write-offs or service credits incurred by the Company will be offset against Monthly Recurring Net Charges. 

New Sales” shall mean the initial sale to end user customers (individuals or entities) that have never purchased Company products or services.

SPIFF” shall mean a one-time payment (in addition to any commissions payable under the applicable Channel Partner Agreement and in accordance with the terms set forth herein), which will be payable upon Activation.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2024

Promotion Details:

  • The term of this SPIFF Promotion is from January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024, for all eligible New Sales of Vonage® Business Cloud services and other services expressly identified in this document.  

  • The SPIFF Promotion applies to New Sales of customers with primary billing and business locations in, in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Promotion eligibility for all other New Sales outside those Territories is subject to Vonage review and pre-approval. All SPIFFs are paid in U.S. Dollars.

  • For New Sales of Vonage® Business Cloud and/or standalone Vonage Contact Center services, all eligible channel partners shall receive either: (a) 6x MRR for eligible New Sales with a minimum three (3) year contract; or) 3x MRR for eligible New Sales with a minimum two (2) year contract.
  • Vonage® Business Cloud includes the following services: Vonage Business Cloud Mobile Plus, Vonage Business Cloud Complete including conferencing+ collaboration tools, Contact Center products, Mobile and Desktop Apps, SMS Virtual Receptionist, Visual Voicemail/Voicemail Transcription and CX Cloud Express.
  • New Sales of Vonage Reach, Vonage SmartWan services and Vonage Managed Services shall be eligible for an award amount of 1x MRR.
  • New Sales of Hardware Rentals shall be eligible for an award amount of 2x MRR.
  • New Sales of third party partner products and solutions sold in conjunction with Vonage Business Cloud and Vonage Contact Center Services shall not be eligible for a SPIFF.

  • Vonage-originated New Sales completed through any Vonage teaming program shall not be eligible for a SPIFF.

  • New Sales of Tokbox, Nexmo (Vonage API) services, access, broadband, POTS lines or other access products are not eligible for a SPIFF.

  • The Vonage AI product sold in combination with a New Sale of Vonage Contact Center and/or Vonage Business Cloud is eligible for the Promotion; sold as a standalone API (Nexmo) service, Vonage AI  is not eligible. 

  • Vonage reserves the right to expand or restrict the scope of Vonage products and services eligible for SPIFF rewards.

  • Any current or new Vonage proprietary products or any third party products that are not specifically listed within these Promotion Details are not eligible for SPIFFs and are excluded from the calculation of MRR, unless otherwise determined by Vonage in its sole discretion when such products are made eligible.

  • New Sales must qualify as commissionable sales under the applicable channel partner agreement on or before March 31, 2024.

  • Parties who are partners under Vonage’s System Integrator (SI) Partner referral or implementation program agreements  are not eligible for this Promotion.

  • In addition to the other requirements set forth herein, New Sales and SPIFF eligibility will be contingent upon: (a) the acceptance of the channel partner’s customer opportunity by Vonage’s Regional Channel Manager and the customer contract booking arising from the channel partner’s quote and engagement; (b) Vonage receiving and accepting all applicable required and properly executed (where applicable) documentation; and (b) Activation taking place within twelve (12) calendar months after the booking date of the New Sales.

  • SPIFFs are payable by the end of the month following the month in which the related Activation occurred. 

  • For all New Sales, including multi-locational sales, the SPIFF multiple is determined at the time the New Sale is booked; and SPIFFs are payable based on the Activation of each location for such New Sales.

  • All eligible New Sales must be on Company’s standard service agreements and terms and conditions (without modification) with a billable term for recurring charges commencing on the Activation date.   

  • All MRR must be sold pursuant to the Company's standard service order form and priced at Vonage’s applicable standard retail pricing. 

  • New Sales that require ICB approval will be subject to a reduced SPIFF payout (not to exceed 1x MRR), or potentially no SPIFF payout, based on the negotiated ICB pricing.

  • Any New Sales that are terminated or cancelled for any or no reason within the first six (6) months of Activation are subject to full chargeback and recovery of the SPIFF payment by Vonage. Any chargebacks may be set off against any commissions owed under the applicable channel partner agreement.

  • Any New Sales for which a payment has not been received from the customer within the first six (6) months after Activation are subject to full chargeback and recovery of the SPIFF payment from the channel partner.  

  • Any New Sales arising from or involving misrepresentations, fraud and/or violation of law, or any acts of bribery by a channel partner or any sub-agent are subject to full chargeback and recovery of the SPIFF payment by Vonage. 

  • Unless expressly indicated in this or other sales promotion offered by Vonage, this promotion may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Additional restrictions may apply.

  • The Channel Partner shall at all times remain subject to the terms of its channel partner agreement with Vonage.

  • This Promotion applies only to  channel partners who are parties to a written channel partner or sales agent contract with Vonage; Vonage is not liable for SPIFFs or payments to sub-agents; there are no third party beneficiaries.  

  • SPIFF eligibility and payments are conditioned upon the channel partner’s and its sub-agents’ full and continuing compliance with applicable laws and Vonage’s Vendor and Partner Compliance Policy at

  • Vonage reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time and/or cancel the Promotion entirely.