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Proposal Stage Bonus

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this Proposal Stage Bonus promotion (“Promotion”) are effective from October 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 (the “Term”), and are in addition to the terms of any applicable master agent, authorized agent, or other written agreement (“Channel Partner Agreement”) between the respective selling channel partners or agents (“Participants”) and Vonage Business Inc. or other affiliates of Vonage Holdings Corp. (collectively, the “Company” or “Vonage”). The terms and conditions of this Promotion are as follows:


MRR” shall mean the monthly recurring revenues that form the basis for commissions between the Channel Partner and Vonage and upon which the Promotion is based, which shall have the meaning and calculation set forth in the applicable Channel Partner Agreement (e.g. “MRNC” or “Monthly Recurring Net Charges” or similar).

New Proposal” shall mean a written proposal (which may include one or more pricing quotes comprising the select solution) for Company products and services (in accordance with the terms set forth herein), which have been: (a) created by a Company sales team member based on information provided to Company by the Prospective Company Customer; and (b) submitted to a single Prospective Vonage Customer by Company.

Prospective Vonage Customer” is a Participant in this Promotion who has been deemed as a Qualified Lead (as that term is defined in a Channel Partner Agreement) or equivalent by a decision maker of the Vonage sales team: (a) whose business has not purchased Company’s products or services within the past twelve (12) months, (b) whose business is not within an Active Selling Cycle with Vonage; (c) who has expressed an interest in such products or services; and (d) who has had at least one (1) meeting or discussion with Company regarding such Company products and services.

Active Selling Cycle” shall mean a Prospective Vonage Customer that is: (a) considered an existing Vonage prospect or Vonage account; and (b) is currently engaged in a business development or selling activity with Vonage.


Proposal Bonus Award. Company will award a 0.25x MRR Bonus on eligible Company Services (as defined below) to the applicable Participant for submission of a New Proposal to a Prospective Vonage Customer during the Term of this Promotion. [For example, a $5,000 MRR deal on eligible Company Services with a three (3) year term, the Bonus award will be $1,250.] This Bonus award is in addition to SPIFFs awarded under Company’s quarterly Bonus program for channel partners. This Promotion is further subject to a maximum Bonus award payout of $10,000 per New Proposal and/or Prospective Vonage Customer.  Vonage will award a Bonus throughout the Term of this Promotion, or until a maximum amount of $100,000 in bonus money is awarded to all qualifying Participants in total in the aggregate, whichever occurs first. After such time, the Promotional offer will no longer be  available. 

Eligibility Requirements. To be eligible for this Promotion, a New Proposal  must include: (1) a minimum of $1,000 MRR; (2) a three (3) year minimum contract term for all products and services; and (3) Services with a minimum of 25 seats on any eligible Company Service.

The following are eligible Company Services:

  • Vonage® Business Cloud Services (“VBC”), which includes but is not limited to the following: Vonage Business Cloud Mobile Plus, Vonage Business Cloud Complete including conferencing + collaboration tools, Mobile and Desktop Apps, SMS Virtual Receptionist, Visual Voicemail/Voicemail Transcription, together with CX Cloud Express (Contact Center Services).

  • Vonage Contact Center  (“VCC”) Services (alone or in conjunction with VBC)

Terms and Conditions

  • New Proposals for this Promotion that result in a closed deal shall also qualify for the Company’s Channel Partner Bonus at closing and will be subject to the standard Terms and Conditions of such SPIFF program.

  • Vonage reserves the right to expand or restrict the scope of Company products and services eligible for the Bonus reward under this Promotion.

  • Proposal Bonus Awards are payable by the end of the month following the month in which the New Proposal is approved by Vonage. Sub-agent Bonuses will be awarded by the Master Agent.

  • New Vonage or third party products that are not specifically listed within these Terms and Conditions are not eligible for this Promotion; unless otherwise determined by Vonage in its sole discretion when such new products are made available.

  • In addition to the requirements set forth herein for New Proposals, SPIFF eligibility will be contingent upon: (a) all proposals having cycled through the proper stages of the sales qualification process; and (b) Company receiving and accepting all required and properly executed documentation (where applicable).

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this Promotion shall not apply to any Prospective Vonage Customer that is duplicative (i.e., previously generated or reengaged by another source) as determined by Vonage in its sole discretion or has been reengaged by another source within the previous thirty (30) days.

  • New Proposals that require individual case basis (“ICB”) approval are not eligible for this Bonus Promotion.

  • Any New Proposal that is terminated or canceled for any or no reason, or is withdrawn by the Prospective Vonage Customer on or before the end of the Term, is subject to full chargeback and recovery of the SPIFF payment by Vonage; and any chargebacks may be set off against any commissions owed (to the extent applicable) under any other Channel Partner Agreement.

  • Any New Proposal arising from or involving misrepresentations, fraud and/or violation of law by any Participant are subject to full chargeback and recovery of the Bonus payment by Vonage.

  • Prospective Vonage Customers must otherwise qualify under the applicable Channel Partner Agreement on or before the end of the Term.

  • To the extent applicable to the Participant, the terms and conditions of this Promotion shall be in addition to Company’s standard Channel Partner SPIFF Terms and Conditions. Additional restrictions may apply.

  • MRR attributed to circuits, Tokbox, API services, broadband or other access products, Vonage Marketplace sales, and POTS lines are not included in MRR for purposes of assessing eligibility for the promotional Bonus.

  • Participants in this Promotion shall at all times remain subject to the terms of any other written agreement with Vonage, if applicable.

  • Vonage reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or modify the terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time and/or cancel the promotion entirely.