Announcing Support for Porting US Numbers to Nexmo

We crossed a major milestone today—starting today, Nexmo customers can self-service E2E automated porting requests to bring a U.S. number over to Nexmo.

While most numbers are transient from the perspective of a business doing A2P Messaging, Number Portability is a key enabler for our U.S. customers who send/receive Voice through the Nexmo Platform. For many businesses, these numbers represent your identity to your customers. Many businesses have wanted the reach, programmability and reliability of Nexmo’s platform but the implication of having to abandon their existing numbers has impeded their shift to the cloud. This changes today.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 mandated that all carriers offer phone number portability, meaning a consumer who wishes to change carriers may elect to take their phone number with them to the new carrier, rather than losing it and having to get a new number.

We’ve always abided by this policy, but it hasn’t always been easy for our customers to make the switch.

Previously, customers who wanted to port their numbers to Nexmo had to submit a manual support request; the porting could only be done manually by Nexmo support, an often frustrating and time-consuming process. We pride ourselves on putting power in the hands of developers and consumers, so this was far from ideal.

Now Nexmo offers number porting via a self-service module, so it can be done any time, on demand, without having to wait for a support technician to help.

Customers need only navigate to the Numbers section on to be able to see a link to port their numbers over:

This brings you to our integration with the porting flow for Vonage Business Cloud customers, which has been tailored to fit Nexmo needs. A wizard then walks you through all the required steps to port your numbers (up to 50 in one go):

Our KB article here sheds more light on the capability, now live on the Customer Dashboard.

This update is the result of several teams across Vonage working together as one to deliver a capability we know will make a difference to our customers. The transition from a traditional communications vendor to one utilizing all the power of CPaaS through Nexmo has never been easier. Your numbers stay the same, you can migrate them at a slow pace, one by one, and you can provision just the services you need on each. Everything is done through an easy-to-use interface and you’re kept updated about the various steps from start to finish.

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