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Vonage Conversations for Salesforce

This article was published on November 30, 2023

Linda Yamanoha Zwickl

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Communications APIs and Conversational Commerce


When customers communicate with your business using conversations, they expect an immediate response. They also like a personal touch when dealing with businesses. Vonage delivers SMS and WhatsApp communications within your Salesforce experience. Read on to learn more about Vonage Conversations for Salesforce.

This is an image of a hand, holding a smartphone, with connected lines to an SMS and WhatsApp. This is to depict Vonage Conversations for Salesforce.

What Is Vonage Conversations for Salesforce?

Vonage Conversations for Salesforce is an application that brings SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp communications into any Salesforce object. This includes contacts, accounts, opportunities, and even custom objects. The application natively integrates with Salesforce — and seamlessly blends bots and agents — to quickly engage customers and personalize communications over text.

What Are the Benefits of Vonage Conversations for Salesforce? 

The Vonage application brings a familiar texting interface to the equally familiar Salesforce platform to:

  • Send SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp from any object. Because Salesforce is the central database for your customer information, you enjoy the added convenience of storing conversation threads directly in the CRM.
  • Leverage the Salesforce database for speed and engagement. Your agents can reference Salesforce CRM data. This is particularly helpful when customers reach out to you across different channels. Your agents have the full context to send fast and personalized customer communications.
  • Customize conversation flows. Vonage Conversations for Salesforce simplifies custom conversation flows.

What Are the Most Common Use Cases? 

Recurring reminders and announcements are two strategic uses for Vonage Conversations for Salesforce that include:

  • Push notifications: Send essential alerts or notifications to your customers through messaging.
  • Customer marketing: Retain your customers and stay top-of-mind by sending new product details through messaging and a conversational commerce strategy.
  • Customer service: Trigger conversations and route to the right person or team when a customer message is received.
  • Response automation: Enable customers to respond to notifications and deploy bots to respond and forward customer inquiries to contact centers and other applications.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Use everyday chat applications to request customer reviews, manage product returns, and receive feedback.
  • Personalized recommendations: Send personalized product suggestions and tips based on each customer’s unique purchase history and interests.

Speed Wins 

According to the Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report, age-old customer frustrations still exist. For example, customers are tormented by long wait times to speak to an agent … not to mention having to call multiple times and repeating themselves. Vonage research shows the impact of unhappy customers:

  • Three out of four customers will stop buying due to bad experiences
  • Half of those only need a single incident or two

Vonage Conversations for Salesforce helps by empowering agents with the customer data they need, along with the tools to quickly and personally engage with customers. Add automated triggers and you can achieve even faster responses — and that goes a long way toward faster resolution, more conversions, and higher customer satisfaction.

In fact, the same Vonage research shows the value of happy customers:

Reactions to a great customer experience:

  • 58% — Tell family and friends
  • 57% — Give positive feedback on a survey
  • 53% — Become more loyal to company/provider
  • 36% — Purchase additional products
  • 34% — Post to social media/online review

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