How Healthcare Marketing Solutions Can Finally End the Pattern of Patient Drop-Off

Even for the most brilliant medical practitioners, patient retention can be tough. Patients, especially if they are ill, are vulnerable and most likely need to be communicated with carefully, thoughtfully and appropriately. If a practice is not smart about how they interact with patients, they stand at risk to lose them. Here's how to use modern healthcare marketing solutions to retain more patients.

Patient drop-off is a real issue for physicians' offices, but healthcare marketing solutions that integrate with existing CRM and communication platforms make it easier to engage and retain more patients.

Patterns in Patient Drop-Off

If you look closely at the pattern of patient drop-off, you'll see a theme quickly emerge: dissatisfaction stemming from a lack of personal connection. For as much attention as bedside manner garners, today's technology has patients expecting something more. You could call it tech-side manner.

This means the opportunity to remain connected to healthcare providers through the two-way channels that are most convenient to them.

Engaging patients with regular, personalized communication is understandably key to breaking the pattern of patient drop-off.

What Can be Done to Keep Patients Happy

What many people don't immediately realize is that while physicians' practices provide an important and necessary service, they are first and foremost businesses. As such, they need to use the same strategies as other businesses when it comes to retaining patients. That's why many practices are turning to modern healthcare marketing solutions that can revitalize their relationships with patients.

The first step is to understand how to communicate with your customers — in this case, your patients. It's important to know how each individual patients prefers to send and receive communication.

More and more consumers are comfortable with using messaging apps to communicate with businesses. As a result, physicians' offices that not only support a wide gamut of popular messaging apps but also make them a focal point of their marketing strategies are able to communicate more effectively with their patients. It's simply where their patients are most receptive.

An Automated Answer

Once you've figured out how to effectively communicate with your patients, the next question is when and where to reach them. It can be overwhelming to think about each patient in your practice and their current treatment needs. How do modern practices engage these patients without devoting an absurd number of hours custom-tailoring each communication?

The easy answer is automation. With the same technology that automatically pays your monthly bills, you can stay in touch with each patient in a personal manner.

Physicians' offices that take advantage of omnichannel communications platforms are able to develop fine-tuned marketing campaigns that automatically push out personalized messages to their patients at every stage of the patient life cycle. Have more than one office? It's not a problem thanks to the power of the cloud.

Practices are even able to segment their marketing efforts based on patient demographics, history, and location. Doing so builds trust and loyalty as patients engage more regularly with their care providers.

Customizable Solutions Keep Patients Engaged

Engaging patients with regular, personalized communication can be key to minimizing patient drop-off. That said, brilliant and effective healthcare marketing solutions are inadequate on their own. It's no surprise then that many practices are turning to communication platforms that offer a little more interoperability.

These solutions are built from the ground up with highly customizable APIs that let you connect your marketing efforts to the brains behind your patient relationships. The result is a communication platform that seamlessly links with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform and other aspects of your practice's digital backbone. No need to keep data in more than one place or worry about syncing contact info when the next marketing campaign launches.

You'll be able to use the patient profiles within your CRM — including each patient's desired form of communication — automatically with your communication platform. In other words, you'll know exactly when, where, and how to engage your patients.

Patient drop-off is a real problem that every physician's practice eventually faces. Tackle the problem head-on by engaging patients with smart, automated healthcare marketing solutions driven by an omnichannel communications platform.

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