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Nexmo Gathers Advisory Council to Reimagine Digital Engagement with APIs

Following on the heels of our first Nexmo Advisory Council in San Francisco last October, Nexmo hosted a Spring advisory council in Las Vegas as a follow-up to the working session last fall. The Advisory Council event again gathered executives whose companies are exploring the ways they can reimagine customer engagement using communications APIs. The objectives were to:

  • hear market-leading industry perspectives about digital transformation within the enterprise,
  • share insights on digital customer engagement strategies, and
  • ultimately rethink what is possible with digital customer engagement using communication APIs.

The discussion among the attendees was as productive and insightful as we’d expected (more on that shortly), but a key aspect of the Advisory Council is the value it provides to the people who aren’t in the room. The business leaders who joined us don’t represent only their companies, they are a cohort who represent enterprises across industries. They give voice to the challenges and perspectives of companies racing to stay ahead of the curve in customer engagement around the world.

As an ever-evolving platform, we listen and apply that input to shape how our platform evolves to better enable our customers to engage their own customers. The output from the Nexmo Advisory Council ultimately results in a better platform that serves the needs of all of our customers in the long run.

“Perhaps the biggest value we see from CPaaS is big picture thinking,” explained Bill Haskins, Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research. “We’re seeing a shift in the discussion to the ‘art of the possible’ based on communication APIs, beyond the tactical individual feature set that is available—which has been the traditional center of the communications discussion.”

“We’re seeing a shift in the discussion to the ‘art of the possible’ based on communication APIs.”—Bill Haskins, Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research

APIs and Customer Engagement on the Agenda

This quarter we had an action-packed agenda, including guest speakers and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) demos. We expanded our format to include a workshop titled “The How of CPaaS,” which I had the opportunity to present. In it, I fleshed out a specific framework that enterprise leadership teams can use to plan and implement successful programs using API-based technologies. This framework included:

  • Understanding communication APIs and the new possibilities with regard to customer engagement
  • How to identify opportunities where better communications can improve customer experiences
  • A comprehensive evaluation of what business metrics can be improved using more robust, immediate customer communications
  • How to augment existing IT infrastructure using CPaaS

Guest speakers at the Advisory Council included:

  • Ted Gilvar, CMO at Vonage
  • Bill Haskins, Sr. Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research
  • Dina Abdelrazik, Research Analyst at Parks Associates
  • Thomas Kerber, Director of IoT Strategy at Parks Associates

“This was a great opportunity for us to continue to push new content and test industry-leading concepts with our trusted customers and advisors,” said Dan Nordale, VP of Sales for Nexmo. “I think everyone came away from the session with usable strategies and tactics to implement new communication projects within their respective organizations.”

If you’re a business or technical leader looking to change or enhance the way your organization engages with customers and wish to participate in our future events, please email me.

Guillermo Quintero Product Leader - Auth & Identity

Guillermo supports the team focused on Authentication & Identity solutions for Vonage’s API customers. He is responsible for leveraging new technologies to help combat fraud in an increasingly digital economy. He is a die-hard Chelsea Football fan and endurance sports junkie, often following professional bike races and planning the next trail adventure.

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