Nexmo Is Now a Premium Partner with the U.S. Short Code Registry

If you’ve ever sent or received text messages from a business, you’re probably familiar with short codes–those 5- or 6-digit numbers you can text in place of a regular phone number. You’ve probably used them to receive coupons and promotions, to vote on a reality tv show, or to enter a sweepstakes.

Have you ever thought about where those codes come from, and how companies acquire and use them? The United States has a Short Code Registry that regulates the use of such numbers, which can be enormously valuable in driving customer engagement:

“Short codes are opt-in, which means your customers trust in the value of your brand and are asking for engagement. The proof is in the response rates and no other medium comes close.

Text messages have a 98% open rate a success rate that no other marketing tool can match.”

The registry partners with software providers who in turn help businesses use their short codes to reach customers. We’re thrilled to announce that Nexmo has just been named one of only 16 Premium Partners. Nexmo “has qualified as a Premium Partner based on specific criteria, including the number of codes under management, length of association with using short codes and performance history.”

This means Nexmo is uniquely positioned to offer your business programmable communications solutions, including the use of short codes, for your campaigns and customer engagement. We’re among elite company as a Premium Partner, and we couldn’t be more proud. Mostly, we’re thrilled because this recognition underlines and validates our commitment to you, the customer.

Interested in learning how your company can utilize short codes for customer engagement? Reach out today!

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