‘Calm-Before-the-Storm’ Reminder: Set Up Call Continuity Right Away

Vital Business VoIP Phone Feature Allows Automatic Call Rerouting through Emergencies.

It’s only March, and the nation has already seen more than its share of weather emergencies. The consequences for so many hard-working businesses have been extended downtime and lost productivity.

Fortunately, Vonage Business customers have an edge when it comes to maintaining a link to their all-important customers, suppliers and employees. Included with every Vonage Business account is a built-in feature that allows them to stay connected during emergencies such as power outages or loss of Internet. It’s called Call Continuity and it automatically triggers call rerouting during any such emergency. The Call Continuity service presently boasts three pending patents and can be invaluable for maintaining business continuity through tough conditions.

IMPORTANT: While Call Continuity can be a vital resource in the event of an emergency, it must be configured by the user administrator in advance to take effect. Therefore, we strongly recommend customers take the easy steps to configure and activate the service immediately.

Call Continuity: Business as Usual in the Event of an Emergency

The fact is that power outages do happen from time to time, and your Internet can go down due to an Internet service provider issue. The Call Continuity service automatically detects if your phone loses its connection – and immediately reroutes calls to a pre-specified backup number. And once connectivity is restored, routing through your normal extensions is automatically reinstated.

Configuring Call Continuity

With the Vonage business phone system, customers can simply log into their Admin Portal and configure their settings to activate the Call Continuity service. Complete instructions for configuring the service can be found on our Support Website. Vonage recommends backing up the company’s main number and any published numbers, and customers may choose to designate backup numbers for every number on the account.

Call Continuity is designed to keep your business up and running no matter what obstacles come your way. But it must be configured in advance to benefit your business. So an important question for all Vonage Business customers: Have you configured your free Call Continuity service? If not, why not do it today?

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