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To Script or Not to Script

This article was published on October 27, 2022

YES!!! (We should absolutely script….in some fashion.) Is the short answer and here’s why. Don’t we owe it to whoever is on the receiving end of our words to practice? To know what we’re saying, why we’re saying it, and deliver our words with impact?

As folks take our calls and/or respond to our emails, they do so with an expectancy of “what?” What do you want? They are quickly determining whether or not to (1) take our call and (2) when they can get off the phone. We’ve all done it and we’ve all been there.

In our role as sales professionals, it is absolutely our responsibility to “know our stuff”, make sure our words resonate and provide meaning for whoever is listening, and move folks through a decision process.

As I call out in the video, there are a couple of ways to go about scripting. The first is an actual script. I’d recommend taking an actual call, transcribing it, and including it in your playbook. Here’s why – some folks are visual learners and will learn by reading. Others are auditory and will learn by hearing. Cover all of your bases.

The second way to go about mastering our words, is to create talking points. If you have a more experienced team, this may be the way to go. I highly recommend getting your team together and holding a wordsmithing session; this will drive engagement. The last thing we want is for our experienced folks (or anybody for that matterr) showing up and winging it.

Action tips of the day:

  • Craft your script, if you haven’t already including feedback from actual live calls
  • Craft your talking points, by persona, if you haven’t already including feedback from actual live calls
  • Practice, practice, practice


Power Phone Scripts by Mike Brooks – 500 Word-for-Word Questions, Phrases, and Conversations to Open and Close More Sales

Dionne is a 20 year sales veteran having built and scaled inside sales team from the ground up. She started her own firm, Inside Sales by Design, to work with companies wanting to build their inside sales teams right the first time and transform their current team into something greater. Dionne believes in and uses common sense, practical approaches to inspire leaders and teams to greatness.

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Dionne Mischler

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