Top 5 Reasons to Move Your Business Phone to the Cloud

You've printed out brochures and whitepapers about "the cloud," you decided that 2013 was the year you were going to go paperless (as much as possible) and you already determined that by moving to hosted services, you can actually save money and work more flexibly. So, why are you still worrying about moving operations to the cloud?

Well, here at Vocalocity, we have the pleasure of speaking to hundreds of prospective customers every month who tell us the various reasons why they're not sure that the move is right for them. They might have reservations about relying on a hosted service provider, or they may have concerns about security and privacy. Based on some FAQs from real customers that we've won over, here are the top five reasons that VoIP is a great choice for your office.

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Top 5 Reasons to Move Your Business Phone to the Cloud

  1. Savings: Typically, Vocalocity customers save a minimum of 30% on their phone service just by switching to us.* Not only are we less expensive than an analog provider, we also include more business-class features with every extension. Even if you're in a contract with another provider and have to pay a fee to break it, the long-term savings are worth it when you consider how much you'll be saving month over month.
  2. Reliability: We understand that having a big, bulky phone network in your office can be reassuring. For many people, seeing is believing, but because we thoroughly vet all of our technology and data centers, we ensure that we provide a secure and reliable phone system. This means that you get a redundant service with over 99% uptime, protection against security fraud, and an in-house engineering team that's constantly monitoring for potential service interruptions.
  3. Versatility: As your office changes its communication needs, we change with you. Adding or removing extensions is incredibly easy, and you can even make most of your system configurations by yourself through a 24/7 online portal. And because we're a no annual contract provider, we won't trap you into a longer term or tack on extra fees just because you need to make a modification.
  4. Features: You not only get the same business-class features that you're used to with your analog system, we give you more. For free. We have dozens of included features, and we also offer premium add-on features. Not sure if you need or want an add-on after you sign up? Just call us up and we'll remove the feature from your next bill.
  5. Ease of Use: We have an in-house team of engineers and usability professionals who have developed user-friendly online portals. Owners / account holders can access the full Admin Portal to make system-wide changes online at any time, and employees can access a customized online website of their own to easily record messages, manage Never Miss a Call Settings and more.

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If you still have questions, give our team of VoIP experts a call at 1-877-862-2562 and they'll be happy to tell you all about how we help over 123,000 users stay connected each and every day with an affordable, reliable hosted phone system.

Dave Morris
Dave Morris Contributor

Dave is a content strategist and writer at Vonage Business Solutions, working with teams across the company to build communication programs that enable our customers and assist our prospects. He enjoys living in Atlanta and is an avid gardener, restaurant enthusiast and live music fan.

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