You Want to Be Customer Obsessed? Deliver Memorable Customer Moments

By Mark Forman, Senior Technical Instructor

Take a moment and think about your greatest memories. Chances are, you just recalled specific, vivid moments in your life that stood out from ordinary experiences. Your customers’ experiences with your brand are the same. Each interaction between your employees and customers is a chance to create a moment that is distinguished from the rest. Customer engagement is your raison d’etre; it is essential for every brand’s longevity and sustained success.

The question then becomes, “How do I engage my customers in an extraordinary way?” If you want to create extraordinary customer moments, here are three key strategies to implement:

  1. Personalization is vital

    Always keep in mind that your customers are individuals — naturally, they want to be addressed in a personal, intimate manner. Take a moment to remember what you talked about with this person the last time you spoke. Smile, whether they can see you or not. Craft your message so that it’s immediately relevant to that individual. Only in this way will you be able to create memorable moments for your customers.

  2. Know what customers want — before they want it

    It’s not enough just to keep up with customers’ demands in today’s hyper-connected global marketplace. You must anticipate what your customers want before they do. If you can pre-emptively predict your customers’ future desires, you’ll be well equipped to ensure long-term engagement. Moreover, you can align your company with your customers’ success by demonstrating that you’re invested in their future goals or aspirations. At Bluewolf, we focus on helping our customers improve not just current business processes, but also growth and prosperity down the road.

  3. Communicate value to each customer

    Don’t waste a customer's time! Before enacting a plan to engage customers, ask yourself, “How can I provide value to this person? What would make them care about what I have to say?” By stepping into your customers’ shoes, you can gain a better understanding of your company’s value proposition from the receiving end, thereby enabling you to identify how you can deliver more value.

Customer engagement is the accumulation of memorable customer moments. Capitalize on each interaction, don’t miss an opportunity to provide an extraordinary customer moment. For a deeper dive into customer engagement strategies, refer to our guide, The Essential Guide to Customer Obsession.

NewVoiceMedia partner Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm. Companies across the world choose Bluewolf to help them engage their customers and drive more sales. As the first global business consulting firm born in the cloud, Bluewolf’s strategic consulting, implementation, training, and cloud management services drive business outcomes in weeks, not years. - For more about NewVoiceMedia’s partner community, visit our partner page -

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