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Key features and services

Below we've listed a few key features and services that you should know. For an extensive list please see the Features & Settings section of our support site.

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Phone numbers

Transfer existing phone numbers or choose new company numbers from your Admin Portal Dashboard. 

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Extensions are numbers that you choose to specify how inbound and outbound calls are handled. Use the interactive guide “Set up Extensions” to manage:

  • Call forwarding options
  • Voicemail settings, including receiving voicemail recordings via email
  • Assigning devices (phones)


Read more on how to manage extensions

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We have various user types; you can define their role and access level. At any time, you can change the account super user and update any user’s profile. 


Note: New users will receive an email that provides their username and secure link to access their Vonage Account. 

Use our interactive guide to manage users.




Virtual Receptionist


An automated answering system that allows you to direct inbound calls and to customize how your calls get routed for holidays, lunchtimes, breaks or even after-hours calls. 

Use our interactive guide to schedule your business hours.


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Fax Service

Allows you to send and receive faxes through your online account, email or both. We offer personal and paperless fax.