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VoiceBase provides a highly scalable and secure stack of speech analytics APIs that are consumed by application developers and by enterprises. Use cases include compliance, agent QM, customer journey, and sales coaching. Core functionality includes speech-to-text, conversation metrics, call categorization, and predictive insights. VoiceBase delivers industry-leading accuracy at unparalleled turnaround times and cost and uses an open architecture that allows enterprise customers to make great use of their own call data that can be visualized using their favorite BI tool.


Vonage provides its customers with reliable connectivity and high-quality dual-channel recordings. Through a simple integration with VoiceBase, those calls are processed by VoiceBase where the resulting transcripts, call categories and predictive insights such as how likely will this customer will buy or churn, for example, are returned as JSON formatted data to power numerous applications. This results in the enterprise finally being able to mash up exactly what their agents and customers are actually saying, with all of their other data.

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Use cases and resources

Use Cases

Popular uses cases of VoiceBase and Vonage include compliance, marketing campaign tracking, agent quality monitoring, and PCI Detection and Redaction.

  • Compliance: Where you would want to identify if agents ARE reading disclaimers and ARE NOT making illegal statements or promises.
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking: Are ad campaigns driving the kind of calls you want? Correlating the 'lead score' to the spend of a campaign.
  • Agent Quality Monitoring: Are agents making a proper introduction, asking probing questions, showing empathy, using profanity signing off properly, explaining the value prop, offering the upsell special?
  • PCI Detection and Redaction: Automatically identify if calls have PCI (credit card data), time-stamp where in the call the data exists, redact the data from both the audio and the transcript.