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Conversation Analyzer

Take the guesswork out of call monitoring and establish a foundation for success within your organization. Vonage Conversation Analyzer is your complete speech analytics solution. By integrating with your CRM or BI tool, you can discover new findings to help with quality management, best practices, compliance, coaching, and more — all designed to boost the customer experience. Sentiment Analysis will let you see how the sentiment progressed throughout a call. You can click on parts of the call with positive/negative sentiment and find conversational pinch points, and even place these insights into Salesforce for easy sentiment reporting.

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Key Areas of Focus



Every organization needs to adhere to compliance policies. Whether you work in a regulated environment or simply require agents to follow a script for a consistent customer experience, Conversation Analyzer will enable you to easily identify when agents aren’t being compliant and take steps towards remedying the situation. With configurable redaction, you don’t even need to worry about sensitive information being captured. 


Quality management 


Identifying calls for Quality Management teams is part science and part guesswork. To effectively coach your teams, you need to listen to both the highs and the lows, but finding those calls can be time-consuming. With Conversation Analyzer, you can leverage the automatic categorization of calls. Immediately give your Quality Management team a shortcut to finding those highs and lows. The call visualization tool also allows you to focus your attention on specific parts of the conversation, allowing you to jump straight to the parts that matter, instantly saving you time.


Agent performance 


Every organization has top performers. Whether you work with Sales or Service teams, with Conversation Analyzer, you can begin to understand how your top performers hit their goals, then replicate that behavior by rolling-out best practices, helping boost team productivity at scale. 


Business insights 


With Conversation Analyzer, all your conversation data is available to integrate with your CRM or BI Tool. You’ll have the context from your interactions automatically stored with your customer data to obtain a more complete view of the overall customer experience and satisfaction. With built-in historical analytics, actionable insights are right at your fingertips. Quickly correlate your conversation and contact center data and drive your sales and service results to new heights. 


  • Dashboards: Display data in your CRM dashboards to help visually segment and analyze customer conversations
  • Speech-to-text: Conversation Analyzer transcribes and logs calls into your CRM, such as contacts, cases, and custom objects
  • Customer conversations: Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags, and analyzes customer conversations
  • Automatic content analysis: With automatic voice call analysis, you can quickly spotlight trends
  • Call recordings: Conversation Analyzer pairs call recordings with transcripts and metrics to help better understand a conversation
  • Alerts: Instantly identify insights and trends—and assess your team’s compliance and product knowledge
  • Supervisors can automatically generate conversation summaries, including notes, actions, and topics, using in-built generative AI.