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Screen Recording

Built to work with your CRM platform, screen recording is a powerful coaching tool available with your Vonage Contact Center solution. Embedded within your CRM data, it lets you identify and resolve any agent performance issues that could harm customer experience.


Rapid return-on investment

This cost-effective solution, part of Vonage’s Workforce Optimization portfolio, will quickly pay for itself through improvements to customer experience and contact center efficiency.


Complementary services

Add Conversation Analyzer, Visual Engagement, historic and real-time reporting, Omni-channel, CRM integration, AI, and Unified Communications.


Improve customer experience 

When Screen Recording is combined with Conversation Analyzer, you can identify exactly which calls to review and where in the calls to listen and watch. You’ll get more out of screen recordings through this blending of speech analytics with screen capture. 


Deliver on contact center KPIs 

Screen Recording can help identify the factors that will lead to improvements in your key contact center metrics, such as AHT (Average Handling time), ACW (After Call Work), FCR (First Contact Resolution), and more. 


Drive operational efficiencies 

Call recordings and insights can tell you how much silence or hold time there was on a call, but you won’t know what the agent was doing during those periods. With this solution, you’ll see if the application they were using had errors or could be improved for performance and usability. 


Augment Quality Management 

Identifying calls for Quality Management teams is part science and part guesswork. But once you’ve found a call to listen to, you’re only getting half the picture. Being able to see what the agent did on their computer means you’ll know if they’re following correct processes, using applications consistently, and using all available tools to help answer customers’ or prospects’ questions. 


Enhance agent coaching 

With Screen Recording, you can identify if agents need further coaching or training on certain applications. You can also demonstrate a best-practice flow across different applications that will deliver effective answers to customers. 


Ensure compliance in the contact center 

With Screen Recording, you can see if agents are doing any unauthorized activity during the call or during wrap up, like using social media.


  • Native integration with Vonage Contact Center
  • Capture multiple screens, not just applications or webpages
  • Understand wrap-up behavior
  • Synchronized video and audio
  • Easily share agent behavior with the correct teams
  • Tightly integrated with Conversation Analyzer, the Vonage Contact Center speech analytics tool
  • Seamless integration with your CRM