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Device Type: desktop

VBC Call Recording On Demand

Record the calls you want, when you want.

By requesting this app, a note will be sent to your VBC Administrator for approval. Once approved, the app will appear on your VBC Desktop and Mobile App. All pricing displayed in USD. Admins will view pricing in local currency by region.


VBC Call Recording On Demand allows you to capture conversations from any device for future reference and to share as needed. You can easily find your recorded calls on your VBC Desktop and Mobile App, replay them and email to others from your office or on the go.


  • Allows users to start and stop recordings during conversations or set to record all calls.
  • Give users exclusive access to their call recordings from their assigned extensions.
  • Provides users the ability to manage and delete their call recordings.
  • Share call recordings by emailing to recipients who can also listen to the recordings.
  • Allows users to override existing messages notifying callers that they are being recorded.*
  • All call recordings are password protected.
  • Includes 15 hours of call recordings by extension.


*It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that call recording complies with all applicable laws including, where required, obtaining consent from all parties on the call.