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Visual Identity - Extrusions


At the core of our identity is the idea of revealing things, which represents how we surface information when and where you need it. We accomplish this graphically with extrusions, shapes that can flex to reveal different levels depending on how bold you want to be. 

These shapes can be functional and used to contain information. Or they can be expressive and bold to support louder messages or headlines.                

Master extrusion collection

Holding Shapes

Holding shapes are highly functional, and can be used to contain all types of information.

When used with typography, be sure to use the appropriate alignment and padding for each different angle, as shown on the page.

Holding shapes should be designed on a 45 angle.

example of brand extrusion elements

Holding shapes usage

Example of a extrusion holding share with text

Expressive shapes

Unlike holding shapes, expressive shapes are used to illustrate and support headlines. 

Whereas holding shapes are designed in 3/4 angle views, expressive shapes can come from any direction, and can be from a one point perspective or isometric view. 

Example of expressive shapes and extrusions

Expressive shape usage

Example of expressive shapes and extrusions
For more detailed usage rules download the full brand guidelines
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