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Businesses, communities, and governments have rapidly embraced the remote world. Read how Vonage has helped them to succeed.
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Unified Communications drive business success, remotely

“Vonage has provided us with a single, flexible cloud communications platform, which will enable us to deliver great customer experiences while supporting our growth ambitions and allowing us to work remotely as required. Being able to transform our internal communications is crucial as we quickly scale our business and our customer service team” —Carol Fairchild, Chief Customer Officer at CitNOW.
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APIs bring the doctor to you

”The Vonage Video API provides Doctolib with the technology we need for video, so we can be reassured that the system will continue to operate even if the load increases enormously." — Sanche d'Abravanel, Patient Strategy Director at Doctolib
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Contact Centers keep your service outstanding

“Unplanned events can have a serious impact on a business’s operations, so continuity planning is crucial to ensure the contact center can run smoothly in all eventualities. Vonage Contact Center is now being used by employees at home as it would be in the office—we can transfer calls between remote agents, have a 360-degree view of the customer, and all calls can be tracked, logged, and recorded. ” — Chris McClellan, CEO and Founder of RAM Tracking
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Learning anywhere is as easy as API

Chegg Tutors offers an e-learning platform that connects students with expert tutors for assistance on a range of subjects at a range of different levels. Vonage Video API provides real-time video, audio and text chat together in Cheggs own app.
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APIs keep Spain's population accurately informed

"The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving and it's important to provide people with accurate information...Using the Vonage Messages API it was simple to integrate the Hispabot functionality into WhatsApp and reach people where they spend the most time communicating," said Carlos Guardiola, CIO at Sngular.
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