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Business SMS and MMS

Send text and multimedia messages from your business phone number with Vonage.

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) Desktop and Mobile Apps empower you to send and receive business SMS and MMS messages via your VBC number.1

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VBC customers must register SMS business numbers and pay associated fees. Contact Sales for more information.

VBC SMS and MMS Overview

With Vonage Business Communications apps, users in the U.S. with a registered phone number can send and receive SMS and MMS to any U.S. phone number1 from their professional identities, even on their personal devices.   

VBC Desktop App is available on Mac and Windows PCs, while the VBC Mobile app can be downloaded for iOS® devices and Android™ phones.  See app downloads


  • Ease:  Reach your customers on their mobile devices. Send and receive texts, images, videos, and multimedia files with customers and colleagues.  
  • Consistency: Maintain your business identity across devices when you text, send an MMS, or make a call. VBC Apps empower users to communicate virtually anywhere, anytime.   
  • Convenience: Enjoy texting and sending MMS to and from U.S. numbers and one-to-one chat between other users on the account.
  • Compliance: 10DLC helps your organization to optimize engagement by using trusted SMS business numbers to connect with customers through their preferred communication channels. By registering SMS business numbers1, you legitimize your SMS business numbers to industry regulatory agencies and ensure that your SMS messages are not perceived as spam by your customers. 

1VBC customers must register SMS business numbers and pay associated fees. Contact Sales for more information.

Still have questions about Vonage Business SMS & MMS?

To access VBC services and apps, including SMS and MMS capabilites, start by selecting a VBC plan that is right for your business.  View our plans and buy onlineschedule a conversation or simply call 855-430-6401 to discuss your SMS and MMS needs with a business VoIP expert.  

Once you have your plan, VBC account admins can register 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers to exchange SMS and MMS messages with their clients and customers. The Campaign Registry (TCR) is an industry standard, approved by mobile carriers, to increase security, reduce costs, and minimize spam.  See the TCR VBC support documentation.   

Still need help? Give us some details about your business and one of our experts will reach out with a custom quote.   

VBC apps empower your business communications, including SMS and MMS, from your business identity across devices.  VBC Desktop and Mobile apps are included with all VBC plans.   

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Short Message Service (SMS) is designed to send short text communications, commonly known as "texting." 

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) enables the use of photos, videos, and audio files in these communications.   

To use VBC business services to send SMS/MMS communications within the U.S., your phone numbers must be registered through The Campaign Registry. 

Please see our support documentation for detailed information.

Once registered with The Campaign Registry., VBC customers within the U.S. can send and receive SMS and MMS to U.S.-based telephone numbers via VBC Desktop App and/or Mobile App.   

To get started, compare plans and buy online or speak with an expert to discuss your MMS or SMS needs.   

Communicating with customers via SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Message Service) can provide several benefits for businesses, including:

  • High open rates: SMS messages often have a much higher open rate compared to other communications channels. Source
  • Quick and efficient: SMS and MMS messages are delivered quickly and on your customers' mobile devices. This can enable businesses to efficiently respond to inquiries or send timely information.
  • Rich media content: MMS messages allow businesses to include rich media content such as images, videos, and audio, which can be used to showcase products, promotions, and other content in a more engaging and interactive way.

Send business SMS and MMS with VBC Apps.  See plans and buy online or talk with an expert to learn more.   

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