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  • Verizon and Vonage announce collaboration to bring advanced 5G network APIs to developers

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Vonage Network APIs

Extend APIs across networks to deliver transformational engagements

It’s time to simplify network complexities for everyone. That’s why Vonage Network APIs are designed with an eye toward flexibility, accessibility, and security. Now developers can access advanced network capabilities to build far better applications — faster.

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It’s all about connectivity, location, and security

Network APIs are relatively new to the market. At their most basic, they connect applications to a telecom network and expose network capabilities that were previously difficult — if not impossible — to access. There are benefits for everyone:

  • Developers: New network capabilities unlock next-gen security — plus faster speeds, lower latency, and higher quality of service for your apps — with far quicker development times on our award-winning platform.

  • Enterprises: Network APIs offer outstanding differentiation in a crowded marketplace. This includes new revenue stream opportunities, with quick speed to market and relatively low risk.

  • Communication service providers (CSPs): Network APIs have immense potential to monetize your network investment. For example, you can engage your customers in innovative new ways and securely expose core network data — that was previously siloed — to drive operational efficiencies and better business strategy.

“As we evolve our API journey, we welcome collaboration with companies like Vonage who share our passion to make network capabilities available to developers for the advancement of the connected world.”

Srini Kalapala, Senior Vice President of Technology and Product Development Verizon
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Securely and seamlessly authenticate end-users

App onboarding or password resets aren’t the smoothest experiences. Number Verification API allows developers to authenticate end-users in a secure and seamless way, entirely within the native mobile application. The API leverages direct carrier connections to validate the possession of a mobile device — without any input from the end-user.

  • Safer: Eliminating one-time passcodes lowers the risks of compromise by social engineering or fraudster interception.

  • Better customer experience: Customers must no longer wait for an email, text, or call. Less steps mean happier customers — and higher conversions.




Quickly confirm SIM card-to-phone number link

SIM Swap API allows developers to quickly determine if the SIM card linked to the phone number has recently changed. This gives developers the assurance that the phone number can be used for multiple use cases — such as the ability to proceed with two-factor authentication or as a secure communications channel.

  • Safer: API allows for early detection of potential fraud and decreases risks of security breaches.

  • Compliant: Like all Vonage Network APIs, the SIM Swap API adheres to telecom industry standards across 3GPP, CAMARA, and TMF.



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Simple access to Network APIs with the Vonage Network Registry

The Network Registry is embedded in our platform — so it’s easy to access and incorporate network capabilities into apps, all in a single ecosystem. And the results? Faster and easier development and scalability. It’s no wonder that over 100k businesses worldwide use our award-winning platform.


Managing network access has always been cumbersome and manual for developers, businesses, and CSPs alike. The Vonage Network Registry fixes the frustrations with:

  • A single process and centralized location: Developers can quickly register for access to Network APIs and CSP networks

  • Simplified steps: CSPs can securely scale and standardize network access for developers and customers.



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“Vonage is our first collaborator in this endeavour, thanks to its robust and engaged developer community and market leading communication API capabilities.”

Yigal Elbaz, Senior Vice President Network CTO AT&T
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The Network APIs of tomorrow are just starting

Security APIs address a pressing market need. But there’s much more … stay tuned for the upcoming:

  • Quality on Demand API: Application traffic modified over the mobile network can enjoy better throughput, latency, and jitter — even during high traffic load conditions.

  • Device Location API: Enhances application capabilities by verifying if a mobile device is near a specified location.

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Vonage + AWS: Protecting financial transactions

The Vonage Fraud Protection solution is built on top of Vonage Network and Communications APIs, with support from AWS capabilities like Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Bedrock.





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