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Messages API

Expanding your messaging strategy just got simpler. The Vonage Messages API (formerly Nexmo) integrates with SMS, MMS, and popular social chat apps—so you can communicate with your customers on whichever channel they love most. That, paired with rich features and instant results, makes for one engaging, cost-effective chat experience.
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Multiply your message with one API

Reach customers on their preferred social channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber—minus the hassle of managing multiple APIs.

Enjoy a cost-effective chat experience

Leverage the network to reduce messaging costs. This allows your team and customers to freely message at the lowest cost to you.

Get instant access to insights

Optimize your messaging delivery with the Vonage Dispatch API. Flexible logic, real-time insights, and reliable failover provide a cost-effective delivery solution. Learn more

Captivate users with ultra-rich communication

Engage your audience with multimedia messaging—video, audio, and geo-location—and elevate the user experience.

Messages API Sandbox

Easily develop and test anything you want to build with WhatsApp, Viber Service Messages, or Facebook Messenger with our Messages API Sandbox feature. Sign up

Secure Your Messages 

Protect your application with JWT authentication. Our signed callbacks feature allows you to better secure your social messages by adding incoming message validation.
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Make it customer convenient

Enhance service by contacting customers on their preferred messaging and social platforms.
  • Improve engagement with customers who prefer real-time chat
  • Boost your presence on social platforms
  • Reduce support costs and improve the customer experience
  • Deliver contextual and media-rich conversations
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Sent alerts to your customers

And allow them to reply on their preferred messaging and social platforms.
  • Deliver timely notifications to keep your customers engaged
  • Reduce costs by minimizing missed appointments, delivery attempts, and support fees
  • Enable customers to confirm or reschedule on their preferred messaging and social platforms
  • Wow customers and strengthen relationships with media-rich features
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Provide a channel your customers prefer

Authenticate users on their mobile device through SMS or social chat apps.
  • Streamline 2FA requirements by reaching customers on different messaging apps
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Reports API puts you in control of customer communications data

Flexible reporting for all channels in one powerful API 

  • Intervene in failures to guarantee service

  • Test and measure campaigns

  • Uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities

  • Take action in fraud and overage situations

  • Enhance end-user experience with advanced reporting

  • Create your own dashboard based on CDR data

Single Event Callbacks

Get detailed messaging results with timestamps, delivery status, price, and error states.


Protect sensitive customer data with Vonage API calls and JWT authentication.

Adaptive Routing™

Enjoy effortless message rerouting and ensure optimum delivery.

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