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CRM dialer capabilities: click-to-dial, auto dial, and more

The Vonage Contact Center dialer, Connect, ensures that your teams work optimally. Create time for more meaningful conversations, remove agent misdials, and reduce time between calls. You can even give agents key CRM insights on their screen.

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Simplified integrated dialing with Vonage and Salesforce

Simplified integrated dialing with Vonage and Salesforce

Improve prospect pick-up rates

Get through to more prospects by presenting a callback number local to them

Increase sales rep efficiency

Automate manual tasks like dialing and eliminate wasted time, giving your team more opportunities to make a connection

Close business faster

Use an intelligent dialer that integrates with your CRM, giving your reps the insight they need to personalize every call

Call the hottest leads first

Speak to the right people at the right time with our dynamic dial lists and never miss a prospect interaction
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Set the Mode

Perfect for any conversation

Conveniently select a mode for unique agent needs.
  • Preview Mode allows agents to flag and skip calls to better prepare for more complex calls
  • Automatic Mode presents the next contact and automatically dials to reduce wait time between connections
  • Voicemail Drop delivers a pre-recorded message to save time, which allows the agent to move on to the next call
  • Multiple voicemail drop allows an agent to upload multiple voicemail recordings and select which one to play on an outbound call

Employees viewing reports, dashboards, metrics
Boost sales results

Connect with more of your prospects

Reclaim the time it takes for your team to perform manual tasks that often feel like should take seconds - but over the course of a week, it really adds up! With Connect from Vonage Contact Centers, you will:

  • Deliver huge productivity gains for outbound sales teams with the help of our toolkit
  • Save valuable time with automated dialing, auto-logging, and voicemail drop
  • Give your team time back in their date to handle extra calls and complete research

Dialer features

Eliminate manual dialing, remove the chance of misdialing and reduce downtime between calls
Increased efficiency allowing your reps to make more calls, do more research and struggle less with tedious manual tasks
Always call the hottest prospects with dial lists that automatically refresh when a new lead comes in, and prioritize certain lists so that they are always the ones called first

Use CLID to present a local number when dialing, increase pick-up rates and make connections with a greater number of prospects

Easily comply with call recording legislation by making automatic decisions on whether a call should be recorded or not
Save time at the end of a call when reps are leaving a standard voicemail – voicemail drop allows your reps to click a button when they hit the customer’s mailbox, automatically leaving the voicemail and letting your rep get on with the next call
Leverage report data to create dial lists and launch a targeted campaign
Log all activities and call recordings automatically
Vonage and Salesforce dialer functionality


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Video Demo

Vonage Contact Center Dialer Connect

A video introduction to Vonage Contact Center's automated Dialer and Connect.

Salesforce Sales Engagement Integration
Upgrade your Salesforce Sales Engagement dialing capabilities with Vonage Contact Center and enjoy advanced call functionality, reduced hold times, global call coverage and plans, deep business insights, and fast pinpointing of best practices
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