Dial directly from Salesforce

The Vonage contact center dialer ensures that your teams work optimally. Create time for more meaningful conversations, remove agent misdials, and reduce time between calls. You can even give agents key Salesforce insights on their screen.
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Set the Mode

Perfect for any conversation

Conveniently select a mode for unique agent needs.

  • Preview Mode allows agents to flag and skip calls to better prepare for more complex calls
  • Automatic Mode presents the next contact and automatically dials to reduce wait time between connections
  • Voicemail Drop delivers a pre-recorded message to save time, which allows the agent to move on to the next call

Dialer Features

Initiate auto-dialing based on Salesforce lists and campaigns

Sort and order calls using any criteria

Track and report activities with Salesforce tools and dashboards

Use CLID to present a local number when dialing

Receive detail page screen pop for the next priority item

Enjoy updated contact details in real time

Leverage report data to create dial lists and launch a targeted campaign

Log all activities and call recordings automatically

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