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Manage your phone system from one intuitive portal

You can easily manage and customize your phone system and monitor account activity in real time.

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What is the VBC Admin Portal?

The VBC Admin Portal allows your company’s phone administrators to fully manage and customize your phone system and monitor account activity in real time. With the VBC Admin Portal Audit Log, administrators and users can easily audit all changes and restore to original settings if needed.


Designated phone administrators can access the VBC Admin Portal anytime — from any computer — using private login credentials, while other users can manage their own extensions via the User Portal.

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Advantages of the VBC Admin Portal

The VBC Admin Portal empowers Super Users and Account Administrators to easily manage all services and features for all users of the account.

  • Analytics: The VBC Admin Portal allows you track overall system trends and usage by extension.

  • Control: You can view monthly billing, account updates, and enhancements; easily audit all changes made to an account; monitor employee call activity in real time; manage and customize phone system calling features; and more.

  • Scale: Easily add new extensions, add premium features like Call Queue and Voicemail Transcription, and attend live training sessions.

How to use the VBC Admin Portal

Super Users or Account Administrators can manage all services and features for all users of your account in the VBC Admin Portal. This includes managing your users, extensions, billing, ordering, and more. (You can check out our video tutorial for an overview on how to navigate and use this portal.)

Here are a few of the areas that the VBC Admin Portal gives you access to:

  • The Dashboard, which provides quick access to manage a wide range of capabilities, such as creating users, buying extensions, activating VBC add-ons, approving and implementing VGIS-powered integrations, and setting a time for account activation, and more.

  • The Phone System, where you can manage users, extensions, devices, Virtual Receptionist, Call Groups, Call Queues, Company Recording, and much more.

  • Business Inbox, which lets you send and receive text messages from a toll-free or local number.

  • Reporting & Analytics that arm you with a wealth of data — company-wide, per user, and beyond.

To sign out of the VBC Admin Portal, click on your initials or avatar (top left), then click Logout.

To manage your personal settings, such as Contacts, Voicemails, and Vonage Meetings, click your initials or avatar (top left), then click Go to App.

Still have questions about the VBC Admin Portal?

Yes, more than one Super User or Account Supervisor can access and take advantage of the full functionality at the same time.

The VBC Admin Portal enables control over the entire account. Here are a few options:

  • The dashboard provides a quick view of key features.

  • You can manage users, extensions, devices, and other aspects of the phone system, as well as features like Virtual Receptionist, Call Groups, and Call Monitoring.

  • Add or delete features.

  • Approve and add user-requested integrations with business apps.

  • View account details and a range of settings.

  • View billing and payment history.

  • Customize, view, and print a broad range of reports.

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