Interactive Broadcast

Offer large scale interactive experiences directly in your branded websites and applications. 

Vonage Video API supports events for up to 5,000 participants interacting simultaneously in real time and streaming to an unlimited number of viewers with live streaming and to social platforms including Facebook Live,, YouTube Live, and more.

Interactive Broadcast

Real-time interactivity

Broadcasters can interact in real time with their audience and with each other. Reach up to 5,000 participants in real time!
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Broadcasting at scale

Extend broadcast experiences to social platforms and non-WebRTC endpoints with minimal latency.

Session replays

The event doesn’t end with the live show. Producers can create TV-ready content using built in recording capabilities for distribution.

Why choose Vonage APIs for Interactive Broadcast?

Build for purpose

Control the UI to deliver the optimal experience for your users - no downloads.

Optimized performance

Low bandwidth, limited CPU, and other challenges of multiparty video—you name it, we’ve seen it and architected for. Learn more

Mobile made easy

Interactive broadcast works across web based and native environments.

“With Vonage’s Video API, we are able to keep users within our ecosystem, allowing us to ensure that both local authority employees and members of the public can join meetings, communicate, and view secure and easily accessible information from any device.”

Steven Garratt CIVICA Modern.Gov.

Make your interactive broadcasts look and sound their best!

Adaptive layouts

Dynamic video layouts respond in real-time as users join and leave, screen is shared, and the conversation goes on.

Crisp presentations

Talking heads, slides or motion pictures—our mature video platform adjusts for all viewers, no matter what you throw at it.

High fidelity sound

We hear you—and that’s why we use AAC codec at 128kbps—highest recommended for full-band sound.

Take the complexity out of your deployment

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GTM acceleration

We regularly hear from our customers how much they appreciate our docs & all the code samples to get there faster. You're welcome! Explore developer center
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Global scale

Vonage API platform provides global performance and scale with presence in 16 AWS regions and our global Support organization. Explore Vonage Support Plans
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Enterprise services

Get the most out of our API's by tapping into the know-how of our experienced global Solutions and Services teams. Explore Vonage for Enterprise
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Crowdcast is on a mission to change webinars from being the clunky, frustrating experience of old to being a seamless, delightful way to teach and connect online.

For the record

Screen Record

Whether you are creating lasting memories of your events, or simply keeping records, the Video API has you covered.

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Privacy matters

The Vonage Video API puts you in control of your interactive broadcasts with our robust security features, like the always-on AES encryption, data sanitization, and GDPR compliance. Learn more about all the ways Vonage keeps your video sessions safe and secure.

Visit the Vonage Video API Developer Center

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