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Create safe, reliable and delightful conversations with RCS business messaging

Rich Communication Services (RCS) engages customers with branded and rich conversational messages. And RCS business messaging brings images, interactivity, and more right to your customers’ mobile devices.

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Customers love the interactive power



more likely to purchase online if they can ask questions in real-time


more likely to engage with a brand through RCS


more likely to read RCS messages than emails
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Reach the masses with a default application

Customers constantly turn to their mobile device. But with so many apps on their screen, how do you stand out? It starts with being universally accepted.

  • Carriers have adopted RCS as an industry standard.

  • Over 1B Android devices are RCS enabled on native Google Messages app.

  • Nearly 1.5B iPhones will soon have RCS support on native Apple Messages app.

  • Defaulting to native applications simplifies use and accelerates customer engagement.

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Add RCS capabilities through a programmable API or application

You can embed RCS into your applications with Vonage Messages API. Or power your RCS communications with Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by

  • RCS will be available as part of the Vonage Messages API to provide customized conversations in your applications.

  • RCS will be enabled in Vonage Conversational Commerce to enhance your engagement efforts across the entire customer journey.

Image of a mobile phone with a chat about a retail purchase with a Buy Now button to the right

Connect with customers through richer conversations

Customers are hit with countless notifications and messages. But RCS cuts through the noise by evolving the messages into conversations.

  • Engage and convert more through conversational messaging.

  • Capture attention with rich media support for images, videos, and GIFs.

  • Encourage in-the-moment participation with interactive buttons and suggested replies.


Enhance your business messaging strategy

Rather than resembling an ordinary text, you can present your best self with branded communications.

  • Give customers what they want: Customers are more comfortable with familiar branding elements instead of the random text.

  • Get the details: RCS provides real-time metrics, such as read rates.

  • Send it: RCS natively fails over to SMS to ensure message delivery.

Illustration of a mobile phone with a messaging conversation on the screen; behind the phone is a bot with long arms reaching towards the screen, indicating the bot is facilitating the conversation with the customer

Personalize and reach your customers at scale

Vonage RCS and Vonage Conversational Commerce can help you reach and engage customers.

  • Personalize broadcast messages from the conversational commerce marketing and commerce dashboard.

  • Automate and subscribe to AI-generated bots.

  • Analyze your conversational marketing profitability across bots, agents, and campaigns to determine the best approaches for your brand.

Simplify your omnichannel engagement

The Vonage Communication Platform includes AI-powered unified communications and contact center solutions. You’ll also enjoy conversational commerce tools and APIs to embed messaging, voice, video, and customer insights into every interaction — all to simplify your omnichannel engagement.
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