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Vonage Fusion

Employee and customer communications in perfect harmony. It's that simple.


Vonage Fusion combines our proven UCaaS and CCaaS solutions to provide powerful features, consistent performance, and integrations with popular CRMs and productivity tools.


Learn how Vonage Fusion can boost customer loyalty, employee engagement, and your bottom line.

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Build engaging customer and employee experiences

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Remove workflow barriers for seamless collaboration

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Keep your business agile with flexible technology

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Vonage Fusion is a Cloud Computing Product of the Year Winner, 2024

Award presented by TMCnet and Cloud Computing magazine.

Vonage Fusion is a Cloud Computing Product of the Year Winner, 2024

Award presented by TMCnet and Cloud Computing magazine.

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How can Vonage Fusion help your business?


  • Deliver quality experiences

  • Increase customer retention

  • Adopt industry-acclaimed technology

  • Streamline communication tools

  • Boost employee productivity

  • Fuel business agility and profitability

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Why it matters for small businesses

Today’s customers have extremely high demands. A single bad experience can cause them to leave, but loyalty has a huge impact on the bottom line of your small business. To stay profitable, you need to deliver great customer and employee experiences. How? With the right communications solutions. 


Vonage Fusion can bring your employees – from agents to subject matter experts – together with easy-to-use tools that quickly resolve customer issues without breaking your bank. These quality experiences keep customers happy, and happy customers are loyal. End result? Your small business is more productive and profitable.


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How larger businesses can benefit

Using separate communication tools across your large organization can create workflow challenges and poor customer experiences - all impacting retention. Imagine higher-than-ever customer retention rates, because your employees can easily deliver great experiences at every touchpoint. 


Vonage Fusion leverages our complementary CCaaS and UCaaS solutions to help increase collaboration across departments and fuel strong CX. It also plays nicely with the CRM and productivity tools your team already uses. In short, extending better communications across your organization matters.



“Our overall objective was to improve our business telephony solutions, but with the Vonage platform, we have also made our teams across the business more efficient by making full use of the capabilities available. For example, we can now record the outbound calls as well as make voicemail drops to customers from our Home Delivery Network, which improves both our agent and customer experience.”

Nick Coleman Senior Manager, Customer Care
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