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5 Ways SMS Messaging Enables Effective Business Communication

This article was updated on October 27, 2022

Emails are a crucial method of communication. So much so, in fact, that your entire company probably uses them, making it difficult to discern important internal messages from event invites and team updates.

SMS helps HR departments build effective business communication with existing employees and new recruits.

SMS messages, on the other hand, can be far more efficient, immediate, and easier to manage. In fact, they can even open the door for effective business communication between your HR department and current or future employees. Here are a few ways in which SMS for businesses can improve the employee experience at your company, bringing order to chaos and relieved smiles to your most valuable assets.

1. Recruit Talent

Employee recruitment is a top priority for any HR professional, especially if their industry is facing a skills shortage. SMS enables speedy communication with candidates, so it comes as no surprise that, according to a Deloitte study, companies are expected to more than double their internal use of SMS by 2019.

By using SMS for recruitment, HR leaders can keep up with the ever-growing rate of personal and professional messaging use, taking advantage of the medium's notable advantages over traditional email correspondence. Since many high-performing professionals are already employed, they often have to find a way to communicate privately with recruiters. SMS messaging is a discreet way to contact soon-to-be-employees directly without worrying about an important message being inadvertently trapped in a candidate's spam folder.

2. Gather Feedback

Keeping your finger on the pulse of employee sentiment can be a major challenge, particularly if your organization is experiencing rapid growth or change. Emails aren't very effective at conveying how your colleagues feel about company culture or new policies, but SMS can be.

For example, you can use SMS to gather timely feedback about a training session or a staff retreat via a mobile survey. Your employees don't have to dedicate time out of their days to fill out a questionnaire and, instead, they can complete the survey at their convenience — whether they're on the train home or waiting to meet a friend for coffee. This is one simple improvement that can net your HR department more comprehensive feedback and facilitate positive change in your company's employee experience.

3. Coordinate Schedules

If your employees work according to set shifts, you know that coordinating their schedules can be an endless challenge. It's an especially common pain point for retail businesses and restaurants, and it can be extra tricky during peak periods like the holiday season.

Many establishments have since moved on to using SMS for restaurant communications, finding it far more convenient for managing their queues. As it turns out, coordinating employee shifts or meetings is much the same.

If a shift has suddenly changed and you need to reach a team member before they head out to work, for instance, or if you need to urgently speak with an employee regarding benefits or policy changes, you can connect with them much more quickly using SMS than you can via email. Your team can all be on the same page about who's going on duty and when, and your HR team can ensure that important information is securely delivered. As a result, you can spend less time juggling timetables and more time ensuring your business' success.

When an urgent situation arises at the office and you need to let your employees know how to respond and stay safe, you can do so instantly by sending automated SMS updates to your entire staff.

4. Ensure Safety

SMS is invaluable when timely communications are of the essence and employees need to know what's going on. Be it inclement weather or a security breach, when an urgent situation arises at the office, and you need to let your employees know how to respond and stay safe, you can do so instantly by sending automated SMS updates to your entire staff. Trigger pre-written messages to send instantly to each staff member's personal device, no matter how many employees you need to reach.

This can also enable you to speedily confirm everyone's location, allowing you to manage the situation and reassuring your employees that their safety is your top priority.

5. Streamline Open Enrollment

Inboxes can get flooded with inter-office communications, which means HR emails may get swept away with the tide. You might have better luck bringing that important open enrollment deadline to the forefront of peoples' minds by delivering via SMS.

By providing mobile links to open enrollment benefits and sending periodic reminders, you can proactively give your staff the information they need to plan for their futures and make informed decisions. That also has the benefit of cutting down on redundant questions, freeing you up to focus on more strategic projects.

It's All About the Experience

Companies are taking advantage of upmarket enterprise tech to enhance the customer experience through innovations such as marketing automation. You can similarly leverage the benefits of SMS for effective business communication, helping you raise the bar on your employee experience and ensure that they're satisfied. In turn, those employees will provide that same satisfaction to your customers.

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