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Have You Heard? Complementary UCaaS and CCaaS Solutions Can Level Up Experiences

This article was published on February 14, 2024

Traditionally, many companies have maintained separate solutions for unified communications and contact centers. These days, more and more businesses are realizing that maintaining separate tools can prevent them from building engaging customer and employee experiences — plus this disconnect can ultimately hurt the bottom line.


Businesses can avoid this challenge by partnering with a single vendor for CCaaS and UCaaS. Adopting these technologies provides a variety of benefits that lead to long-lasting, positive experiences for customers and employees. Read on to learn more about how a single vendor can help your business.

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The Three S's: Simplify, Save, and Scale

Simplify: Customers think of a business as a cohesive organizational unit. When engaging with a company, they don't typically make a distinction between different teams, whether they're interacting with contact center agents or sales leads. Every interaction represents an opportunity to make a positive impression on a customer and earn their loyalty. If a customer ends up in a fragmented exchange or experiences a technological hiccup when trying to get a problem resolved, they may come away with a less than positive impression of the entire business.

Using complementary UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can help prevent these situations. How? By leveling up feature functionality and simplifying internal workflows — all accelerating time to resolution. When a contact center agent receives a question that requires more follow-up, they need to access an internal collaboration tool that’s easy to use and facilitates teamwork.

This allows agents to collaborate and communicate more effectively across the organization and externally with customers. For example, they can message a subject matter expert on the finance team right in the tool they're already using — and get back to the customer with an answer much more quickly.

Working with a single CCaaS and UCaaS provider can also streamline integrations with other key business applications, such as the customer relationship management (CRM) or productivity tools. This enables employees to quickly access the information they need to satisfy customer requests. As an example, agents can use click-to dial or auto-dial features within the CRM platform to easily collaborate with internal teammates. With a streamlined unified communications solution, they can also use voice, chat, or video to drive first call resolution (FCR), increasing customer satisfaction.

Save: Moving to a single CCaaS and UCaaS source often offers efficiency gains and cost savings. With a reliable cloud communications infrastructure in place, your company can reduce the need for, and cost of, expensive equipment and maintenance resources. With a contact center operating on cloud communications, you can eliminate the need for costly equipment, complex systems of wires, and office space where all agents work from.

Add in a cloud-based unified communications system that complements your contact center, and now all your employees can collaborate more effectively to resolve customer issues. From customer service agents to marketing managers and IT technicians, your organization can use existing devices, work seamlessly from anywhere, and benefit from system updates rolled out automatically.

This advantage becomes even more pronounced for a midsized company with multiple locations, like franchises, or larger enterprises with global operations. These businesses would have to commit to even greater ongoing investments to maintain different solutions for their contact center and unified communications technologies. At that scale, disparate tools can also create challenges like continually training staff on different tools that may not work smoothly with one another and ensuring business continuity in the face of an unexpected event. 

Bringing these solutions together allows you to save both money and time, putting both to better use for things like new initiatives that keep the business moving forward.

Scale: Leveraging the combined capabilities of CCaaS and UCaaS also helps companies quickly adapt as the market changes.

With a single vendor, businesses can provide a suite of rich communications capabilities to employees as soon as they are needed or available. What's more, these capabilities are provided in familiar and consistent communications tools, reducing the employee learning curve associated with switching between the platforms and even accelerating new hire onboarding.

Need to add more employees? With cloud-based solutions, it’s no problem. For example, more licenses can be added as additional employees join your organization. This affords you the ability to expand contact center teams on short notice and give them the tools they need to provide excellent customer service via a mobile app, a laptop, or a desktop computer equipped with broadband internet connectivity. The same is true of situations where you need to reduce your team, such as seasonal business changes.

Enhancing Experiences

With constant digital innovations has come increased customer demands for quality experiences. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build brand loyalty and ensure that your business provides quality CX (customer experience) is crucial. A combined CCaaS and UCaaS solution from a single vendor can be advantageous in this respect, as well.

Combining these solutions gives businesses access to advanced communications functionality, like speech analytics, dynamic call routing, AI self-service, and more. These features can ensure that customers can get the support they need in the way they find most helpful — whether it's by engaging with a human agent or researching questions on their own.

Don’t forget that the customer and employee experiences are directly linked. Creating more engaging employee experiences has a direct impact on the service your customers receive.

Complementary CCaaS and UCaaS from a single vendor can help employees work more effectively and reduce frustrations with business tools. Siloed CCaaS and UCaaS solutions from different providers can be difficult to navigate due to separate interfaces and different functionalities. Tools from the same provider are easier to use, with the same look and feel extended across interfaces and intuitive consistencies in functionality. Working with a single vendor for CCaaS and UCaaS also provides employees with the benefit of integrations. Added features in productivity tools they already use, like Microsoft Teams, and CRMs like Salesforce can make a difference in employee experiences. 

Unlock More Value With A Single CCaaS and UCaaS Solution

The path to the future lies in giving customers a cohesive and consistent experience. That said, it's challenging to accomplish this goal when your employees have to rely on separate contact centers and unified communications solutions. And if one or both of these systems involve legacy, on premises-based architecture, then the resulting technical debt can be especially challenging to overcome.

Companies can unlock more value by teaming up with a trusted provider that offers complementary UCaaS and CCaaS systems in a single, cloud-based solution. In doing so, they can simplify workflows, save on costs, and scale to meet business demands. With these advantages, businesses are in a far better position to meet evolving demands for customer experience, while keeping employees engaged.

Ready to discover how a single source for UCaaS and CCaaS can future-proof your business? Connect with a Vonage expert to learn more.

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