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Have You Heard? Improving Experiences Is as Simple as V-B-C … Vonage Business Communications

This article was published on April 20, 2024

Your business communications solution isn't just a way to connect with customers. It's a hub for all the interactions you have (and all the data you collect) across internal departments and channels. In other words, it's the backbone of your business – both customer experiences (EX) and employee experience (EX). 


With Vonage Business Communications (VBC), you can get a fully integrated business communication solution that ensures a seamless, personalized, and omnichannel CX. Read on to learn more.

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What Is VBC?

VBC is a unified communications (UC) platform that combines multiple real-time communications channels — including voice or video calling, personal or group messaging, and audio or video conferencing — into a single platform with advanced features and functionality that can help optimize customer experiences and improve business outcomes. You can also integrate third-party apps your team uses to collaborate with one another (e.g., Microsoft Teams and Slack) and CRMs that help manage customer interactions (e.g., Messenger and WhatsApp).

Whether your customer service team is answering customer questions and providing support, your marketing team is collaborating on new messaging, or your sales team is following up on leads — it all happens from the same interface. This makes their job easier, streamlining productivity so they can improve customer experiences with your business.

With VBC, your teams and customers can stay connected from virtually anywhere, using any device, via any communication channel.

How To Improve Customer Experience With VBC

What are the CX benefits of having a robust AI-powered unified communications solution that brings together calling, messaging, video and third-party integrations?

Streamline Customer Interactions 

The majority of customers expect consistent interactions with a business, regardless of which department they're communicating with, according to 2023 Salesforce State of the Connected Consumer report. Yet, 54% say they can feel a disconnect between sales, marketing, and customer service teams, and it doesn't seem like they're communicating with one company.

VBC unifies your teams by unifying communications. Everyone uses the same business communication solution, with the same interface and directory, so they always know which team members are available and can easily transfer calls. Likewise, when a marketer has a hot lead on the line, they can instantly identify an available sales representative and pass the conversation along to close the deal.

Personalize Customer Experiences 

When customer data is strewn across different departmental databases and third-party apps, customer profile data is often incomplete or outdated. Each department only has a partial picture of each customer, leading to a fragmented experience.

VBC seamlessly integrates with industry-leading CRMs (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Bullhorn, etc.), so company agents can view customer data inside your communication platform — no toggling or separate logins required. They can also access VBC communication features inside the CRM, enabling features such as click-to-dial, click-to-SMS, and automated call-logging and SMS-logging. Not only does this improve employee productivity, but it gives your team a complete view of each customer’s journey, enabling them to bring a personal touch to every interaction and create better experiences.

Route Customers to the Right Agent With a Virtual Receptionist

There's nothing more frustrating for customers than navigating a phone tree, waiting on hold for a person, explaining what they need, and then finding out they're talking to the wrong department or agent and have to get transferred to someone new to start the process all over again.

VBC's AI-enabled virtual receptionist captures customer inquiries and interests via verbal queues and routes the conversation to the most appropriate and most quickly available agent. It also provides all the background information to the agent, so the customer doesn't have to repeat themselves.

Empower Employees To Improve CX

If your employees aren’t happy, your customers aren’t happy. Most people want to be successful at work, so investing in tools to help your team be more successful also improves job satisfaction. This in turn motivates them to improve customer satisfaction.  

VBC doesn’t just remove friction from the customer experience; it also creates a more seamless employee experience. Meeting employee needs through flexible, secure, reliable and fully integrated communication tools ensures they have tools they need to be more efficient and effective and streamlined ways to collaborate.

Ace CX With VBC

VBC can enable your teams to deliver fast service, personalized interactions, and seamless communication across departments and channels.

Transforming business communications has never been simpler. To learn more, speak to a Vonage expert.

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