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Prepare for the Future of Online Retail With Live Video Shopping

This article was published on March 13, 2023

Consumers don’t subscribe to store locations or hours. So it’s no surprise that global ecommerce has grown 800% during the past 12 years — with online retail looking to increase by 56% over the next four years.* To help future-proof your ecommerce business, it’s important to engage customers in their favorite channels. And live video shopping** satisfies the consumer craving for immediate satisfaction. Are you ready?

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Confer With partners with retailers across sectors who are now using a live 1-to-1 video shopping platform, which enables customers to speak directly to retail experts over a live video call when visiting a brand’s website. 

Live Shopping: A Personalized Experience

Live shopping links personalization and virtual reality by adding value to products. The personalized touch points throughout the customer journey — originating from both sales and marketing — help customers feel valued. Retailers can capitalize on the personalization to provide great service in a consistent and memorable manner. And the innovation extends to virtual and augmented reality, as retailers experiment with more ways to create an immersive and exciting way for consumers to shop.

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Maximizing the Omnichannel CX with AI
Despite recent rapid digital transformation efforts, only 45% of consumers are "very satisfied" with their business communications. That means big opportunities for the companies who get it right. Get the data and learn how AI can help with our 11th annual Global Customer Engagement Report.

Live Video Shopping: A Personalized Sales Channel

Confer With provides immersive live video shopping and two-way video — and both are very different solutions. Live video shopping is a 1-to-1 video that allows retail teams to give real-time advice on what to buy just as they would in-store. It’s the ability for your online shoppers to connect directly with your retail staff by bridging the gap between digital and physical.

Two-way video is essentially a sales expert, or influencer, showing only the products they have available to them to a much larger audience. Due to the volume of needs and requests, retailers are unable to cater their products or shopping experience to the customers.

To help scale, consider adding live video shopping to your sales team. Live video shopping is an easy way to convert more sales and grow customer loyalty with personalized online shopping experiences. Retail teams engage live with customers, upsell, cross sell, and even add promotions to customer baskets during live video shopping experiences. Live video shopping delivers an immersive experience, as it lets retail teams curate recommendations and makes it fun for customers to shop online.

Confer With + Vonage: Ready for the Future

There’s no better time to transform the future of retail. And there’s plenty of opportunity for businesses to invest in live video shopping. Learn more about the live video shopping capabilities of Confer With and see how it integrates with the Vonage Video API to enhance your customer communications.


*Statista, Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2026

**Forbes, The Rise Of Live Video Shopping And How E-Commerce Businesses Can Get Started

headshot of Kseniya Pasiukevich, Content Marketing Executive, Confer With
By Kseniya Pasiukevich Retail and E-commerce Content Marketing Executive, Confer With

Kseniya Pasiukevich is a London-based copywriter, editor, and marketing executive with a background across ecommerce, beauty and lifestyle, and academic work. She loves crafting original written and video content, as well as conducting interviews to add a personal insight into her articles.

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